Played through main story, and sorry to disappoint, but I found the story to be boring and lame, and the characters stupid...

Gameplay is great though so it's not all bad, but I did have to force myself to power through the story missions to unlock zones and items.

How performant are homeserver instances on on large federated rooms such as Matrix HQ?

My HS has terrible performance on federated rooms (even "moderately" large ones with a thousand-ish participating servers), spiking CPU and hogging the synapse process for minutes at times.

Thinking of splitting out workers but that's really kicking the can down the road, really... I'm worried about the overall scalability of matrix in the long run.

Dear folks! If You know about any #blind person, who uses #Matrix or is thinking about trying it despite all existing difficulties with #Accessibility, I set up a room now to exchange ideas and help each other around. You can find it at #spreadtheword #Riot

Apple, Google, Amazon...

Garages: how are they still legal? 🤷‍♀️

Sooo... I *had to* lend my good earphones and I am now stuck with a really crappy pair I got from a plane.

Pretty much anything sounds worse with them except black metal which sounds like it's been produced for this kind of setup (:

Frankly, requiems are music for archvillains enacting their evil masterplan. If the good guys theme is a requiem... they're not good guys.

Breaking news on second week of mission: Elon Musk accidentally ejected through airlock. No technical faults were found after inspection of the airlock.

Who wouldn’t dream to live the rest of their lives stuck in close quarters with Elon « minisub » Musk?

Some of those foolish enough to sign up for the Mars 2025 mission may find this a tad too extreme.

Some more #Huevember s done in #Inkscape! These three were all pretty difficult color schemes. Characters are Auxlang (, Darius, and Lafayette (these last two are from the Bottle World universe)

#MastoArt #ArtWithOpenSource #CreativeToots

Ugh, I'm not even close to getting to what I'm seeing with my mind's eye. I recently started learning vector graphics using Inkscape, and not being an artist, I struggle...

It’s Friday and for my first I’d like to highlight:
- @viciousviscosity she’s really sweet and a solid sense of humour
- @checkervest she was among the first persons to notice me, lover of clouds and the sky
- @dzuk maker of emojis, author of the @mutantstd, livestreamer of vector graphics

And as I’m new, I’m also open for new followers, although I should state upfront that I try to keep the heavy shitposting out of the home TL (so may not follow back if that’s your thing), sorryyyyy

With the (now well established) advent of digital distribution of music, can we talk of "rare tracks" anymore?

Instead of donating change to the Salvation Army, donate to your starving LGBT+ friends.

If there is one thing in recent years that indie video game production has shown is that you should MOST DEFINITELY *at least* consider hiring a professional composer for the OST.
I know it’s not in everyone’s budget. But if it *could* fit, it’s worth a think, no?

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