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The whole "yanny or laurel" thing?

Those of us with auditory processing disorders live like that all the time, with every damn thing you say.

I drew some cards of my ridiculous son to thank Ezra and Laurel's parents for helping us with our farm dreams. ONE thing off the to-do list anyway!

TFW you find a manual for Power C at , do a Google Search on it, and realize that the company is still in business and still sells a C compiler for DOS (with manual, I assume) for the same $20 + additional libraries at additional cost.

I've been wondering about this a while, and just mentioned it in another thread, so I'm going to #askmastodon: Recommend a compact notebook (Field Notes or Moleskine pocket size) that will fit in a back pocket but is sturdy enough to not get all crumpled and beat up from being constantly sat upon.

#askthefediverse #stationary #notebooks #bulletjournal

So, much media by trans folx (especially trans women) is wrapped up in trans labels. When was the last time you read or saw something about Laverne Cox for example that didn't mention the fact that she is trans? What about Fallon Fox?

It's so nice to see another trans persons work just standing on it's own and being brilliant without a bunch of cis folx throwing trans labels all over them. (This may have happened, but it was at least a lesser amount to the extent that I didn't notice it).

I would think this wouldn't be the hill they would like to die upon but apparently being right is better than maintaining the relationship.

Fine then; you may have the hill. Considering how Volkswagen has treated their customers and engineers I'm not surprised anymore by how I've been treated.

I've also noticed they haven't sent a customer survey. Color me surprised. After asking me for all fives every other trip apparently they would rather disown me rather than face unpleasant results.

So after waiting the hours in the shop and several business days I'm now proven wrong. I'm wrong and we have the evidence to prove it.

Sorry bud, but you couldn't pull one over on us. We're smarter than that.

Never mind that the damage is small; they'd rather be right than offer to make me whole.

This is the same dealership that was OK with stranding me because my key fob fell apart and they didn't have any parts in stock. I had to call my wife to have my dad bring up the other fob.

I took my car in last Thursday to get the locks checked out. When I got the car back I noticed some damage on the driver side door. They said they would have to go back to the video to see if the damage was already there. Apparently they couldn't turn it around the same day (new system, y'know) so they would call me back

Quelle Surprise, the damage was already there when I drive in to the dealership.

They offered me to come down and look at the video. But they won. They had the proof.

I finally wrote a Patreon post with updates since the last time I wrote one 👀

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Pinball Arcade loses the rights to the Williams / Bally tables after June 30th:

Honestly I don't trust any company that deals in gambling machines any more than I can throw them and it seems this was borne out in negotiations with Scientific Games (the rights-holders of WMS and Bally tables) They're just not interested in renewing anymore.

Frankly Williams / Bally are in the "you no longer exist and I will do my best to ignore you" pile alongside Disney and others.

Friends, as we head into #Ramadan, please take special care to CW your posts about #food. Your observant Muslim community-mates will be fasting between sunrise and sunset, and using a CW will make life a little easier for them.

"Coder, what is best in life?"

Coder: "To crush your issues list, see them disappear before you, and to hear the merging of their pull requests!"

I have had to re-upload Episode 174 three times because I managed to fuck up the timing of the voice-over parts.


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