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Nothing about ActivityPub is specifically "twitter-like". In fact the protocol itself, if anything, is way more facebook-like than twitter-like (and largely derives from the facebook-like It just so happens that the largest implementors are Twitter-like. But that's not reflective of any protocol restriction.

We also designed the thing *so Diaspora could adopt it*, even though that didn't happen.

Looks like we are going to get all the rain today.

ICYMI, I updated my thoughts about tabletop games piracy and how to combat it:

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A _super_ rough draft of patterns in game design.

Was inspired to start writing these down by Ludology ep. 173, and it just won't stop coming.

If you have additions, I'd love pull requests at

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Riddle me this:

"Calling freeze_support() has no effect when invoked on any operating system other than Windows. In addition, if the module is being run normally by the Python interpreter on Windows (the program has not been frozen), then freeze_support() has no effect."

but when I run this using the Windows Python executable (2.7.14) it goes ballistic.

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TFW you go to unsubscribe from an email mailing list that someone with your name used your address (because they can't be fucked to use their own email address) and the server that handles the unsubscription requests is misconfigured.

When things are so weird in this timeline that even 3 million years in the future they know something is off.

Thanks to @craigmaloney , author of for allowing us to mirror his work under the CC license. has now some great free music for you to listen ;)

PS: if you are an artist or content Creator and would like to be able to put your tunes on our funkwhale, hit me here and we'll make it happen !
PS2: All the episodes are still being imported, seems like 25 are already available though.

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🎥2018-04-11 Wednesday Weekly Livestream: "Sketching & warmup"
(soon! 14h30, Paris time)

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I'm starting a Fudge/Fate podcast in May, and I need some mechanical/design questions to get started, also if your doing anything cool I'll be doing a news segment. Thanks. #Fudge #Fate #FudgeRPG #FateRPG #Gaming #RPG #Tabletop

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