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Everyone remembers eccentric candy maker William "Willie" Wonka but nobody remembers his less-successful and long-Suffering older brother Albert who worked at the local five and dime.


Mentally replace all mentions of crypto currency with Beanie Babies.

also replace all mentions of Bitcoin with Cabbage Patch Dolls.

"your heart is beating in a straight line
energetic, but willing to die
can't stand this fucking human flesh
so weak and so incompetent "

So, point of comparison between two perfectly reasonable #mastodon CLI clients, #tootstream and #madonctl .

For interactive ordinary use by human beings of watching the stream go by, #tootstream is nicer to my eyes. more use of funky Unicode fonts means the stream is easier on the eyes and prettier.

For program-driven, non-interactive, machine-oriented efforts, it looks like #madonctl wins out. Lots of nice command line goodness to change and update whatever you want.

Keeping them both!

sorry folks but I really can't get excited about a Taco Bell opening up in Downtown Royal Oak.

Crosspost from birdsite:

Looking for advice. To whom should I send a review copy of my soon to launch game? Who's cool? Who do you like? You?

The UK really likes their shows about rural vicars don't they?

Calling my bank to see if I can start calling my Checking Account a Blockchain Account and see if they'll give me 60% more money in that account as a result.

Wish me luck.

We're streaming live for the Michigan!/usr/group:

Kattni Rembor is discussing Circuit Python

The awesome thing about Ubuntu LXD is that now it requires you to use Snappy; the package management system that nobody on the planet other than Canonical gives two figs about.

"As a visitor to your site, I was able to get a feel for what other customers experiences when they log onto your website. With that said I would like to offer a few suggestions to the owner of the site that would improve web traffic and increase revenue through the website. "

Sent to my strictly non-commercial meral-music podcast site.

I know the best way to get more traffic: post more music. :)

For Sale: One 2014 page-a-day calendar, slightly used.

Serious offers only. Will not split.

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