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We played RISE UP last night, a board game about building an activist movement. It wasn't exactly fun, but it is well designed and thought-provoking. We joked that it would be a good companion piece to WINTERHORN to be played simultaneously, with the WINTERHORN players sauntering over and resetting the board every once in a while.

English muffins:

Not really English
Not really muffins


Sitting at the dealership and thanking my foresight for turning down the TV blasting CNN when it was just me in here. Now I can listen to ambient music instead of having to blare something akin to jackhammers.

TIL: MTV had a channel called MTVU that is geared towards University students.

It plays music videos and showed brief headlines.

I'm going to try to do better.

Trying is the point.

If I succeed, awesome, but trying is the point.

Craig's "Record Store Finds":

Octopus: The ESP-Disk Album

Released in 1968 and re-released on CD in 1999. Found this at the local record shop.

It's interesting to see what the definition of "quiet study room" is by students.

Wondering how I I still have Skype Credit when I deactivated my account.

Pat Metheny, Herbie Hancock, Dave Holland, Jack DeJohnette - Cantaloupe Island (1990)

Such an amazing group of musicians.

If you've ever pulled an old webpage out the Wayback Machine, or made use of their copious collections of old audio, music and film, drop by and give them a few $$ during their fundraising drive. Keep the history of the web alive!

Also I picked up a Beaglebone Pocket this weekend. It's basically a stripped down BeagleBone Black with just the GPIO headers, SD card reader, and a USB port.

But this is so TINY!

What's cool is it's also built in Michigan.

Some days I just put my entire Open Metalcast library on shuffle.

The 1000 word RPG theory metaphor challenge

Using a key metaphor from your own life and frame of reference, write 1000 words about how that metaphor explains or clarifies your take on role-playing game design and play. Be specific.

By Dec 31, post it somewhere , tagged #RPGmetaphor1000.

If you want me to see it, put it somewhere I can see it, like g+.

If your metaphor is clear and gives good insight into how you think about RPGs, you win.

I may send winners an actual award.


Harassment in Indie Games: Part 2 - What

Content warning: sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual violence, threats, online harassment, threats of violence, harassment and assaul...

It's the time of year when i can less awkwardly share with you the xmas music I made.

🎢 πŸŽ„ πŸŽ… πŸŽ„ πŸŽ… πŸŽ„ 🎢

Some of it's chiptuny. Some of it's sample based. It's all pretty weird.

You can buy it if you like it, but you can also just listen for free. :)

(Kissing the top ten is Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game Starter Kit from Greater Than Games

Print on Demand status: 3 POD books in top 10, with 2 titles in top 10 to add POD later.

Price Range: Most common price: $14.99. Lowest $12.99 (on sale), highest $29.99 (2 titles)

In the Under Five Bucks Category: Heroic Maps is doing a series of modular winter-themed maps every Sunday until Christmas: #DailyDriveThruRPG

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