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Mean Messiah: Hell

Industrial Metal in the vein of Strapping Young Lad and the like..

Really happy that Pelican is releasing a lot of their earlier work on Bandcamp.

If you haven't heard of Pelican you're in for some instrumental wonderfulness.

Droppin this over here too!!


Introducing some 👑KINGMAKER!👑 cuties. An all-ages #solarpunk #HipHopera #comic with a pantheon full of #technomancy fun! We hope you're excited to join Artemis, Apollo, Hermes, and Dion on their future adventures.

Written by @taneka Art by ME~!

New here? Not sure where to start? This might help out.

Also I'd like to send you a quick "hello" and a note that if you're on that our beloved administrator is @CobaltVelvet. She runs this place and keeps it tidy.

It's also not free as in beer so if you'd like to keep this place running please feel free to help out her Patreon:

(note: I'm not an admin here, I just like this place)

*whispers* hey there's this cool sticker you can get so everybody sees you're a Cool Tooter

Just made a decaf Columbian Keurig cup of coffee.

Not sure what to make of this as I believe the soul of the coffee had long since departed this world.

#MASTODON POST PRIVACY - who can see your post?

Anyone can see and boost your post everywhere.

✅ Tagged people
✅ Followers
✅ People who look for it
❌ Local and federated timelines
✅ Boostable

✅ Tagged people
✅ Followers
❌ People who look for it
❌ Local and federated timelines
❌ Boostable

✅ Tagged people
❌ Followers
❌ People who look for it
❌ Local and federated timelines
❌ Boostable #tutorial #howto

I put these calls out every so often so here goes:

If you're working on an inclusive game (something with POC/LGBTQ/female characters/relevant themes) please reach out to me, I would love to hear about it!

I can't guarantee coverage and I'm generally very busy but I'm always down to hear about new, inclusive things :)

(pls boost!) #gamedev #gameing

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Please direct your friends to or another instance of your choice like, or, etc. is "default" choice for a lot of people and it's getting kinda hammered right now.

For new members and old alike, if you decide to check out another instance you can import your follower, mute and block lists to your new account. Just go to Data Export under Settings in your current account, and then Import in your new one.

It's as easy as that!

#tips #mastodon #yourewelcome

I'm a user freedom / network freedom activist who works on standards, including being co-editor of ActivityPub, which you are probably communicating over now!

Bunch of other stuff but today I'm too lazy

We're pleased to announce 0.3.0rc1 is now available for your usage!

You can download 0.3.0rc1 from the official PyPI repo:

Or just use `pip install tootstream==0.3.0rc1` to get the latest release.

Changes are available here:

On behalf of @Raccoon and the other contributors I'd like to thank you all for flying Tootstream!

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Pretty happy that the MP3 followers on Open Metalcast has finally broken 200 and that episodes seem to get about 200 hits on That makes me happy.

Still miss the Metal Injection years where folks crushed my server and bandwidth but I'll take it.