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Craig Maloney ☕ ✅

There's something wrong with this picture but I can't quite put my finger on it...

And that's "Tornado of Souls" for the pedantic.

Pretty sure there's someone in Florida blasting "Eye of the Tornado" by Megadeth thinking it's the perfect soundtrack for a hurricane.

Evile is quite simply the best new wave of thrash metal bands I've heard. If you doubt this claim may I present Exhibit A.

Evile - Thrasher:

@cwebber Ah yeah; Jet's is out there:

Certified Detroit-style pizza. Pretty decent. Highly recommend the veggie.

When you want Merlot but all you have s Chardonnay.

White Whine.

Also the origin of Worcestershire sauce puzzles me.

Let's barrel up some fish sauce, realize it tastes like shit, forget about it for years in a cellar, find it, open it, and then taste it.

Who does this?

If I leave something in the fridge for too long my first reaction isn't "oh, let's see if I've discovered some new culinary staple" and open it.


I'd really like to know who thought "these berries taste bad; let's try pickling them to see if that improves things" and then discovers capers are awesome.

That thing where you try to print a Medium article but can't because you haven't scrolled through so all of the images can load. >:(

Right now I imagine Congress is deliberating punishment for Equifax: whether they receive a slap on the wrist or a very stern talking to.

Chaos Manor is silent today as we learn of the passing of Jerry Pournelle.

Would that Byte Magazine had outlasted you, sir.


Best thing about a football game is regardless of you actually care about football you still get to hear it.

First time I've ever seen beatboxing without overloading the mic directly. Beat boxing with a windscreen? Wow.

If you can say with a straight face that the Equifax executives who sold their stock on August 1st and 2nd had no knowledge of the July29th breech (despite having July 31st as a business day where you can almost be assured of an "All Hands Meeting" or some such meeting (hell, even office gossip)...

If you can say this is true then I would ask that you send me all of your money as you're not responsible enough of an adult to manage it properly.

Well played, Momentum

(For those who can't read the quote, it's "Believe in Yourself")

(artwork by @davidrevoy CC-BY4.0)