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Craig Maloney ☕ @craigmaloney

@elita @bob @Antanicus There's over 50 years of The Doctor being played by male actors. Folks that want "more of the same" are upset because they see it as a change brought about by things they don't like (feminism, liberals, etc.).

So the major reason for people pitching a fit is because of tradition and a reluctance to change with changing times. And these are precisely the things that Doctor Who mocks and routes around.

@zigg Ugh. If you have to use that for any length of time I'd recommend getting the non-docking version (K-380) as the keys doesn't wobble as much as that model.

@acw Yeah, it has a great community as well.

@acw I've done a teeny bit on the Arduino, but am interested in playing more with the Beaglebone Black.

@Murassa is say give it a shot but realize that the original had some mythology that the reboot conveniently ignores. But it's still a fun movie.

@MutoShack you're very welcome. Lmk if you'd like more recommendations.

@MutoShack Also:

Lots of metal in there, but also electronic music, classical, and more.

@jalefkowit True fact: The Potato Salad was a born during one of the witch hunts as a way to provide a dish to pass.

TFW you see a comic and wonder if the author might be coming to Mastodon:

Well I would walk 1d6 * 100 miles
And I would walk 1d6 * 100 more
Just to be the man who walked 1d10 * 100 miles to do 1d4 DAM to your door

Apparently Lizzy Borden has their discography on Bandcamp:

I'm not as familiar with this band as I probably should be, but it looks like I can catch up.

Awaiting the puff of white smoke from the BBC to let us know who the new Doctor will be.

Sadly I must announce that after careful consideration the BBC has declined my request to be the new doctor saying (paraphrasing) "Get out!".

I can say one thing about playing with Guile on a Linux machine: I have a new-found respect for having the complete manual as info pages. SSH + Info = nice reading environment.

Autocomplete keeps replacing code with coffee and I think I concur.

@typhlosion I've written enough "if typeof Foo " code to completely relate to that frustration.