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Craig Maloney ☕ ✅

TFW you see a comic and wonder if the author might be coming to Mastodon:

Well I would walk 1d6 * 100 miles
And I would walk 1d6 * 100 more
Just to be the man who walked 1d10 * 100 miles to do 1d4 DAM to your door

Apparently Lizzy Borden has their discography on Bandcamp:

I'm not as familiar with this band as I probably should be, but it looks like I can catch up.

Awaiting the puff of white smoke from the BBC to let us know who the new Doctor will be.

Sadly I must announce that after careful consideration the BBC has declined my request to be the new doctor saying (paraphrasing) "Get out!".

I can say one thing about playing with Guile on a Linux machine: I have a new-found respect for having the complete manual as info pages. SSH + Info = nice reading environment.

Autocomplete keeps replacing code with coffee and I think I concur.

I used to be a huge Dream Theater fan. They were one of the few bands that I subscribed to their fan club.

Today at Barnes and Noble they put on "The Astonishing". It took me a little to realize that it was Dream Theater, but James LaBrie's unmistakable voice shone through.

I'd given up on the band after their split with Mike Portnoy. I've tried to give Mangini a chance but his drumming leaves me cold.

And after a few tracks of The Astonishing I wondered who neutered one of my favorite bands.

Just got Emperor of Sand. On first listen it's a pretty great album.

That's right;

I'm talking about Mastodon
on Mastodon

Five pieces of mail.

Two are for people who are no longer at this address.
One is an ad.
One is a bill.
And one is something I'm looking forward to finally receiving.

The US Postal Service: Much noise, low signal.

Mowin' Mowin' Mowin'
Keep the mowers mowin'
So the grass stops growin'

All the weeds I'm yankin'
all the grass I'm shankin'
Just so neighbors don't complain to loud

Cut 'em all (Bag 'em up) Mow 'em down (Move 'em out)
Trim 'em up (Weed 'em out) LANDSCAPE!
Rake 'em up (Drive 'em in) Drive 'em in (Rake 'em up)


Dreamt of an inspirational cartoon where one of the panels said (roughly) "You'll want to release your stuff sooner than later because your heroes will be able to enjoy it now. Otherwise they'll be gone and all that will be left is Amanda Palmer."

TFW you receive an email response from a company two days after submitting a "my phone is out" request. Worse; you resolved it already by essentially resetting the modem.

Also TFW there's no support ticket system in place; it looks like they literally work from an email inbox.

My parents watched my presentation on .

Mom said that she learned that there was a lot of foo, a lot of bar, and a lot of ducks.

I think she finally understands programming.

BTW: If you feel like playing online board games against me:

I'm "craigmaloney" on there.

I like the GIPF series and Nations: The Dice Game. I haven't played any of the other games on there but might be willing to learn.