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Craig Maloney ☕ @craigmaloney

There's some truth in never meeting your heroes, lest you find out they're jerks. Fortunately I've met new heroes along the way who take their place in my ever-growing pantheon of awesome aspirational folks.

😘 😍

@Dianora Naturally, though it would need a timer for that "warm-up" sound. 🙄

@Dianora Hah, sell a blank record, a turntable system that spins the disc without playing it, and RIAA EQ a FLAC file.

It'd be like the Juicero for audiopiles.

@Dianora Heh, and the constant speed so the outer tracks have more bandwidth than the inner tracks.

*sigh*. So many arguments. 😏

@Dianora I've come to appreciate that vinyl isn't about the sound but the ritual.

There's something cathartic I've found in putting on a record. Then I realize it sounds inferior and put on the digital version.

(That and the loudness wars of CD / Digital mastering, but that's a separate issue).

I promise if I ever see someone complain about the sound of MP3s and then purchase a cassette I won't harm them. But I will give them the biggest side-eye I can muster.

@sungo @craigmaloney Could also use a Beaglebone Black as that sets up its own network device. Haven't figured out how to get it to communicate through the host-device to the outside world though.

@sungo Thought the RPi had a built-in serial port / pins.

@bob Is that an official account? I know he's been on for a while now.

@sungo I don't think so. I keep eyeballing the Raspberry Pi Laptop case, but I fear I'd grow out of that too soon. Still rocking the Thinkpad X120e and love the form-factor.

@mwlucas @craigmaloney Currently Python in a Linux-based environment. No front-end experience to speak of (am working on that now). Some sysadmin but no cloud.

@lmorchard Completely relate. I've mentally-written and deleted several responses in my head.

The one thing I'm certain is that we're deep in mud-wrestling right now and sadly there are many who are enjoying it far more than I am.

@lmorchard Thank you for your post in the chess game that we call "Go". :)

Seriously though, appreciate the level-headedness of your assessment.

@polymerwitch Cue standard response: "Of course we are". :(

@mwlucas Thanks. I've been in contact with a few in the area. Sadly this area is not conducive to anything that isn't Java or .Net (or embedded with a heavy dollop of C).

@nigeldgreen I think this is in part because advertising doesn't work in RSS feeds. Which is why some folks did the whole "partial content in the feed".

But yeah, no feed? No reason for me to re-visit.