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There's some truth in never meeting your heroes, lest you find out they're jerks. Fortunately I've met new heroes along the way who take their place in my ever-growing pantheon of awesome aspirational folks.

😘 😍

I promise if I ever see someone complain about the sound of MP3s and then purchase a cassette I won't harm them. But I will give them the biggest side-eye I can muster.

@lmorchard Thank you for your post in the chess game that we call "Go". :)

Seriously though, appreciate the level-headedness of your assessment.

TFW you have to tell your favorite store that you can't follow-through on a pre-order because you're still unemployed.

Hearing of Cornell and Ailes' deaths have me feeling the gamut of emotions: from grief to choreography.

And this is why I like Eloquent JavaScript as a book. It gets really dense at parts and doesn't go into as much depth as I would like in certain areas. But it's also CC-BY-NC and is available to read online, with examples in clever text areas where you can run them.

It turns any JavaScript-enabled browser into a programming learning environment.

I know some folks don't think this is a great book to start. But it definitely is a gateway to better understanding.

Trying to explain privilege to someone online and I'm unpacking some thoughts:

Folks may have to use the library to learn to code. I had to go to my bedroom.

Folks may be stuck with machines that don't have a compiler. I can install GCC and everything it supports, plus Python, Ruby, Java, etc.

Folks may only get an hour on the machine. I can sit until it's uncomfortable.

Folks have to leave when the library closes. I'm still on at 23:13.

And yet I'm sure they'd still say you need drive.

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In other news, the king of the Netherlands has revealed he has been living a secret double life as a co-pilot for a commercial airline.

Perfect is the enemy of the good, and good is the enemy of the bad. So does that mean that perfect and bad will form an alliance to crush good once and for all?

[fr] Dédicace de Pepper&Carrot ce Dimanche 21 Mai, de 10h à 13h dans la librarie "Les Petits Ruisseaux", Toulouse, France.

[en] Signing session in Toulouse, France

Blog post:

Wow, Chrome's JavaScript debugger is pretty awesomesauce. Makes me not pine quite so much for gdb in node. (Stop looking at me funny).