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If you can't imagine the future of Free Software without RMS at the helm then the past 35 years have been an exercise in stroking one man's ego.

If anybody is interested in translating #krita into their native language or improve the existing translations. I have written a guide for you.

#translations #krita #FreeSoftware

Reminder if anyone is interested in presenting at Penguicon 2021 that submissions are due on April 9th. Give your procrastinating proclivities a pause and please our programming parliament by posting your panels promptly:

#penguicon2021 #penguicon #ttrpg #videogame #retrogame #gaming #conventions #boardgaming

I have a book list of books about game design that changed how I think about games. It's incomplete, and a work-in-progress (more will be added later).

(Note: this list is my own personal list. I'm not trying to create a canonical list of game design books. Lord knows I've read a bunch of them.)


YNAB is looking for a full-stack developer. Rails (Ruby) + Ember (JavaScript) seems to be their thing.

I've been a YNAB user for years, so at least I can say that the product is great 🙂

You've got to know when to hold 'em,
know when to fold 'em
Know when they need a wash
and know when they're done

You never put them away
when they're damp and not as fluffy
they'll need tumble dry a bit more
Then your towel's done.

Decided to post one of my prototype contest submissions to in the hopes that it gets more attention there:

#ttrpg #gumshoe

And of course once I have paid Charon for the boat ride to update my fucking password it



All this because apparently their pharmacy can't send a text to a Google Voice Number.

Urge to salt the earth: rising.

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Changing a password on a site using pass and wondering why they just don't pick a password for me because none of the ones I'm suggesting are working.

amazon reviewer snark 

"The package came with a pack of silica to remove humidity. [+2 star]"

I can tell that going to a restaurant is just an absolute joy when it comes to determining the tip.

Nightmare scenario: finding out the covers for your book are reversed, and how one publisher fixed this without having to do a reprint of the whole book:

#ttrpg #design #stapler

Check out which is a convention about the therapeutic uses for games (presented by Geek Therapy and the Bodhanna Group. Beau Jagr Sheldon of Thoughty / Leading with Class is presenting two talks there: #ttrpg #games

Oh yeah, and if you're *still* not excited yet, let me explain this to you in other words.

Once this is out, the real fun thing begins...

A distributed, federated MUD.

No really. For real.

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if anyone is decorating their murder-cottage I think this line of bedspreads and what-not is going to be your one-stop-shopping location:

I did not need to know that folks are converting the PowerMac that looked like a lamp into actual lamps.

Did you know?

On the first Atari STs, the OS (TOS) was not in ROM. It had to be loaded from a system disk.

And this is the loading screen of the boot ROM:

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