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All I have to say is that if we were in Texas during a power outage we'd be kinda screwed (electric stove).

(And as someone who lived in a community where if the power so much as blipped we'd have to boil water I can say that boiling water is no fun at all.)

MySQL, the "reproducible is for chumps" database.

(Note: In the middle of a failed migration. Recommending me alternatives to MySQL / Maria is not a safe thing to do right now. Sit on those hands or face my wrath.)

Having a day where "do not taunt happy fun ball" is becoming my mantra

celebrity death 

Me: I don't like to speak ill of the dead.

Me (upon hearing that Rush Limbaugh passed away)

(clip: KOSH from Babylon 5 saying "Good").

If I had hold music I would unironically use this album and then put myself on hold all the time.

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If you ever wanted a close approximation of what the late 1980s sounded like you'd be hard pressed to do better than this:

Audio70: ElectRockProgconFusion

fictional violence 

(First person to make me regret not putting a "be silent about your not-Discord platform" disclaimer will wish I had)

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(note: not a call for a pinephone or any other advice. I ran a Nokia 770 back in the day, Sparky so I have done my time.)

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I am getting to the point where there are more things that work via ssh to my Linux box than there are that work flawlessly on my phone and I fear I'm going to soon be the guy that runs a command line application to dial 911.

Having a low-concentration day so this is hopefully going to keep me awake:

Empire Brass Quintet – King's Court And Celtic Fair

Starts off with bagpipes so we're off to a good start.

Say the two words that makes eyeglass folks swoon:

progressive lenses.

(note: not a call for listing every other upsell option or why you love a particular eyeglass configuration. I have other hobbies. Thank you.)

I can honestly say that the "off-brand" classical music labels of Naxos, Supraphon, Brilliant Classics, Chandos, and even Telarc have given me way more breadth and depth in classical music than Detsche Gramaphon, Sony Classics, and whatever passes for Philips / Decca / London / Erato nowadays.

Why did they call it Pier One and not "The Wicker Picker Upper"?

The wisdom of Sarah:

"I bought you a gift, but then I realized I have to give it to you."

(I have owned some albums from Swans and somewhere I have my friends copy of that 1990s Butthole Surfers album that everyone had because of that one song "Pepper" from Electriclarryland that was standard issue for everyone who gave a shit about that song).

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True confessions:

I can't name one Noise Rock band that I actually care about or own an album.

Not going to year shame but if the tagging in Musicbrainz is to be believed this tear was a really potent year.

(Many albums from this particular year; too many to mention. Also a lot of classical albums in there)

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