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My mail-order floppy collection. I lost all of my own originals, but I'm rebuilding and imaging these as I acquire them.

usps, mailing odd items, death mention 

This is oddly specific about mailing things like cremated remains and day old poultry.

Pepper&Carrot self-published comics books in English version are now available!
Get your own copies on:

Inktober is here again!! This time I want to do very simple small drawings, and also am following four prompts, I don't think I will do four each day but will see!😅

First day!
Fish - Inktober
Love Hashira - Arttrober
Spider - Popkilloween
Bat - Mintober

#mastoart #inktober #inktober2020

Inktober day two, yesterdays three drawings 🙃

Wisp - Inktober
Fran - Arttrober
Vampire - Popkilloween

#mastoart #inktober2020 #inktober

"name your own price" sales for writers 

I have a NYOP sale going right now. (

People rave about how artists have done really well out of such sales. My initial observations:

For every 2-3 people who pay $1, someone pays $15. They're mostly new to my store, which was the goal.

Sales of other books have gone up.

If you have a big catalog, and direct control of pricing and sales, it's worth a try.

I'll blog on this, but: why did I hurry up and write a new Montague Portal novel now?

Because of this.

It's a steal. It helps people burned out by Oregon wildfires. Lots of great authors. Go grab it now, before they run out of electrons!

I'm excited! Tomorrow will be the big release of the English books of Pepper&Carrot (3 comics and Artbook). Stay tuned!

"Oh, and we added a annoying pseudo-3D thingie to the logo because we couldn't find an 'under construction' gif we liked."

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"Now that we have spent a quarter of our revenue on hiring a firm to render our logo in a different font and write up a bullshit essay explaining it, we can now try to figure out how to make some more money off shovelware writers and disinterested readers in our quest to reinvent 'blogging but without the blog'"

Yahoo! Groups is shutting down this year:

End of an era and all that.

(Please don't spend this thread bagging on Yahoo!, because honestly it's not even worth the effort to read it.)

Instrumental albums should have warnings for when they have spoken word sections on them.

I have never been more happy to move to a Microsoft product in my life.

My one meeting (that I do not control) moved from Skype for Business to MS Teams.

Skype for Business Web doesn't have a Linux client. MS Teams does.

Means I can stop trying to use Edge browser testing Virtual Machines in order to attend the meeting (for screensharing).

Woo hoo!

(Note: Replies to tell me to use a different product will be mocked. I run my own Jitsi instance.)

(Read the "i do not control" part again.)

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