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I had not intended to have a one hour nap this evening, but here we are.


Rule of Law only exists when you don't have a class of people who think they're above it.


Welcome to the USA, the Dunning Kruger of nations that think they can win the economic shell game.

@mlemweb @valhalla The show is CC BY-SA and unfortunately both of us are very busy... but we would *love* help with getting a transcript up on the show. If a volunteer wants to help us by either transcribing manually or writing a script that even does a reasonable-approximation transcription of episodes, we'd be happy to use and publish that!

Just one day left to pick up Ladykiller in a Bind and some other really great games in the Visual Novel Romance Collection for Black Trans Lives bundle! All proceeds go to @TheOkraProject, which fights food insecurity for Black Trans people.

uspol, politician death 

I take no joy in hearing the news that Herman Cain passed away from COVID-19

All I ask is that folks please listen to medical professionals with experience in infectious diseases rather than medical professionals from other disciplines.

Just because I'm an expert in Linux doesn't mean I know diddly-squit about Windows. I'm hapless in Windows. Same is true in this case. Listen to the experts in the field they work and study in.

Linked Lists are the computer version of Chain Letters.

I think I've hit cognitive overload where even the smallest thing is just made of nope.

Be the change you want to be, just as long as you're not the quarter in the fuse panel. Just saying.

This is cool. You can look outside the windows of people all over the world

Remember when people actually paid money for a program to zip and unzip files?

Reminder that doing free labor for companies by publishing fan fiction and making 3D prints of characters is giving companies free labor and they don't want that:

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