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Trevor Horn was the producer for Yes longer than the Confederacy.

It's wild to me how some bands become unimpeachable standards to later generations. Pink Floyd is one of those bands. I've never been aware of a time where Pink Floyd wasn't held in the rock pantheon, even though they had a period that was decidedly "not great" in some of their early albums.

Also that they've had only one drummer for their entire career is just fucking amazing to me. That's some serious Steve Harris-of-Iron-Maiden level stuff there.

Tired: Master Bedroom
Wired: Main Bedroom
Inspired: Biggie Beddie

Made the realization (again) that my bookshelves and projects that aren't work or home-care-related are there because they're my hobbies or are things that I'm interested in. If they're no longer bringing me joy it's OK to jettison them.

Tired of feeling awful because I'm overwhelmed with the thought of what I could be doing. That's not a healthy way to live.

Trebuchet that shit.

If I were to go back in time I would find the person that thought that rubberized plastic was a good idea and disabuse them of this notion.

microsoft pushiness, edge browser 

Oh, geeze, Microsoft... you are so inappropriate. Taking control of my desktop to show me what's essentially an ad for the new Edge browser, automatically starting the setup wizard, telling me to import my Firefox bookmarks, pinning Edge to my taskbar, and then running your browser?
I use Firefox. I don't want a Microsoft browser and I never will. Remember that browser monopoly lawsuit? This is the kind of thing that caused that.

lovecraft, public domain, culture 

You want another mythos? Get some folks to release their IP in the public domain or CC-BY. That's how you change the culture.

(First person to recommend Pepper&Carrot to me gets to re-read the credits of the latest episode. 😁 )

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lovecraft, public domain, culture 

I find it interesting that the Cthulhu Mythos is pretty much the closest we have to a shared culture in gaming and literature. it's one of the few things that hasn't been overrun by corporate interests and (let's be honest) Disney.

I mean, yes, HP Lovecraft was a racist, full-stop. And some of his creatures reflect that racism. I get that completely. But it's telling that a mythos from the 1910s-1920s is what we get to call our own.

I love that I can be playing Isao Tomita on a whim and JoDee can come downstairs and not even bat an eye.

something arrived today, definitely a holy grail for me...

a Weather Star 4000! this is the box that at one point, among other things, generated the Local on the 8s graphics for the Weather Channel

(small thread)

I still get inordinately happy when I see a machine installing gcc / g++.

C compilers used to be expensive and rare things.

Ah, yes, the two types of violin music: sappy-sweet or ruddy-mysterious.

I'm not one to jump onto the systemd hate-wagon (so please be kind in your responses)

But frankly I find journalctl inaccessible and a step backward.

Shout-out to the folks who keep your Mastodon servers up and running.

Listening to the audiobook of "The Call of Cthulhu" and picking up details that I'm pretty sure I skimmed before.

Honestly I think speed reading classes and trying to teach people to read faster are a grave disservice.

Here's hoping the EFF can help the Internet Archive defend their Controlled Digital Lending:

(though what I would love to happen is for publishers to admit they fucked up, but let's take it one step at a time).

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