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I used to be a "night" person, now I can't keep my eyes open pass 10 night, but feel really good up before 5 morning :D

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Need some calming ambient music?

Free Floating Music has their entire catalog up on Bandcamp. Even better, the discography is $.50 for arguably some of the finest ambient music around.

Dare I say it's also Creative Commons Licensed? (BY-NC-ND). Perfect for ambient streams and meditation.


google strangeness 

Hi all! This is a call to action for those who would like to help with their accessibility skills, or learn them while working on a not too complex web front-end. The quite popular Jitsi Meet web frontend has some accessibility issues which are preventing people with disabilities like me to participate in many meetings. These issues are low-hanging fruit. So if you would like to to do something good that really helps a lot of people and has big impact, here‘s the issue:

Looks like Rust is the clear winner. I'll post my progress throughout the week. Thanks, everyone!

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OK Fediverse, what should I focus on learning for the next week (select from the options below. Complaints about the selections will be ignored. Thanks!)

Hey all. I haven't really been using this account for a while, but for the sake of my old friends who can't deal with the hellbird I'm dropping this here:

In light of what's going on in the world I'm giving all my games away to encourage you to stay home and stay sane. It's not a lot but it's what I got.

Drop me line in the itch comments 👍🏼

I find some slight irony that a lot of labels that I've found "Detroit Techno" on are based out of London.

How about some #RPGtheory?

I think by far the hardest thing for RPG gamers is being able to look at a game's mechanics and procedures and perceive if they're inspired and good.

Let the bodies hit the bed
Let the bodies hit the bed
Let the bodies hit the bed
Let the bodies hit the bed

Tired why for (why for)
Can't play much more
(Here we nap, here we nap, here we nap)

Had a dream where David Allen of GTD Fame was in a class with me and gave me business cards to continue a conversation.

Oh, and that I was giving a presentation and the projector was aimed at a black puppet stage in a library, and wasn't working right.

OK brain. Thanks for that.

About the only great thing about cassette tapes is watching them being made.

covid-19 humor tshirts 


"But Craig! I hate storing music on my computer!"

Um, OK.

They have you covered. Bandcamp will house your music and let you play it there.

And there are apps for other platforms for playing Bandcamp libraries.

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Note: There are other days of the year where musicians will need your support. Bandcamp is still a great platform for connecting with musicians. Consider funneling your streaming dollars to picking up the album direct from your favorite artists.

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