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Bad music joke 

Why did this ever go out of style and who do I need to contact to get this back into mainstream fashion?

CW: Picture has eye contact and Robin Trower.

pop will eat itself, nazi / global warming mention, sarcasm 

You are loved. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

RacketWeek / How To Design Languages starts in 8 minutes and I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED

This will be an update thread I guess!





Nothing says "I was wrong and I apologize" like a five page research paper / manifesto on why you did the thing in the first place.

If we're going to be using quantum computing I think we're going to need a...

Quantum Link.

"Optical media is dead" he said as he went to the shelf of vinyl records and pulled down a $40 bespoke album of chiptune ZX Spectrum music to play on his vintage Technics turntable that was a steal at $1,000 through a $10,000 tube amplifier. "It's dead and it's never coming back."

The SPARCstation 1 was one of the most handsome computers of all time.

But wait! There's *more*!

I could really use some help getting #entropic CLI OS/system packages put together early on. For now, just writing package builders for some major platforms. Do you know how to do this? Do you want to learn? Reply here!

"JavaScript is a rich and dynamic language that is ..."

Blink twice if you're being told to say that. Blink three times if you're in danger.

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