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facebook / uber 

wikimedia is looking to hire a technical writer (this is on fediverse architect Evan Prodromou's team!)

Here is a speedy vid of the processes 📽️ 🖌️ 🙃

I forgot to mention that I made it this early since in Mexico is on the 10th while here in the states still until Sunday!

Ford transmissions 

This is why I love the Squeezebox:

Battlecross on the squeezebox downstairs

Afro Celt Soundsystem in the livingroom

One thing that I adore about the Mycroft voice assistant in my den is that I can log into it to see what it's doing, and what it said.

This morning (before we were awake) it rebooted and said something. I just went to /var;/log/mycroft/audio.log to see what it said.

Game of Thrones sounds like a Boards of Canada genre band.


Also Rush was a way better Led Zeppelin "cover" band, and even they branched off and made more amazing music.

That's cute that there's a Led Zeppelin cover band, but may I introduce you to stoner and doom metal, an entire genre dedicated to "covering" Black Sabbath.

That time when I remixed Jono Bacon's "Free Software Song" so I could give the drums a little more punch:

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