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A plea to help keep the older Netscape / Mosaic web browsers from ceasing to function:

"Dear Lazyweb, tell me who inside of Oath / Verizon has the ability to edit the DNS records of the "" domain. Or, preferably, just transfer the domain to me."

So let me get this straight:

He is an expert in all wilderness related skills.
He talks to animals.
He is amazing skilled with ranged weapons.
He performs acts of dexterity impossible for normal people.
Instead of dying, he travels into the western lands to live forever and never again be seen by human eyes.

Ladies, gentleman and nonbinaries of the jury, I submit to you that Pecos Bill was an elf.

I don't come here often these days (social media / emotional well-being type stuff) but I didn't want you good folks to miss out.

Short story: I'm giving my game away in exchange for feedback. and click BE A BETA TESTER if you're into it.

If you're missing my #GameDev output I'm still using birdsite for it, because that the cost of doing business. If you're still there you're welcome to follow along. 💖 It's all pretty impersonal though.

♲ "Flight of Spring", Krita Digital painting Timelapse by David Revoy
An extra/bonus video for my supporters... and everyone! Support my work on Pepper&Carrot here: Follow my work: ★ My blog - ★ My webcomic: ★ Twi...

As a game maker one thing I try to be aware of is the landscape of game genres. I've learned a lot by watching my seven-year-old son roam YouTube watching game play-throughs. There's genres of video games you wouldn't believe.

2009 Me: I like RPGs!

Them: oh sure, those computer games where you have a character, and do quests and stuff!

Me: er, no, _Tabletop_ RPGs

2019 Me: I like TTRPGs!

Them: oh sure, those Twitch shows where minor celebrities have characters and improv doing quests and stuff!

Me: ...

(And no, this is not a celebration; more a realization).

I have only child syndrome: collaboration is easy when I get what I want. 👼

Stop... (shitpost) 

Oh hey, anyone I know in the Fediverse have a hacked Nintendo 3DS? Is it worth doing? I've been considering it for mine for emulators and suchlike

The last thing that we need to solve the issues related to people not being fairly compensated for their work are more licenses.

You don't fix problems with licenses. Licenses are the domain of lawyers; lawyers who look at licenses not as a deterrent but as an obstacle course to be run through.

If you want to play lawyer-ball with determining who can use your software and who can't then this approach is valid. If you want to change the culture then we need to be more creative.

It's very hard for me to agree with any condemnation of free software as an ideology

Free software is about a third of a real, working global "cyber" mutual aid system, the other two thirds being excellent, free, and gentle documentation at all levels and community-designed and -distributed hardware.

Moving back to the days of indie software shops building boutique programs that don't interoperate is not only impossible but undesirable

Standardization and inter-operation is the whole damn point

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