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My game where a social worker for homeless robots takes on a cabal of capitalist billionaire CEO-Kings is cheap rn! :)
"The art and writing are stellar. Its a great cyberpunk adventure."
I'm one-person indie business so this is food/rents money, much appreciated!

Byte Driver is in open beta! If you're smart you'll wishlist it. If you're brave you'll play it right now! Boost if you're rad.

#GameDev #IndieGame #Announcement #SURVIVE

CW: Animated GIF

Oh, this looks like a fun little project. I've been eyeballing the (rather flimsy) USB game controllers that I have. Might give this a go later on:

Fate Space Toolkit, $10 for prototype PDF and eventual final version PDF.

“TL;DR: There’s no art, but sales of this will help us get art, and once we get art, we’ll upgrade your PDF to one with art at no added cost.”

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TFW you're unsure why your git branch isn't updating, only to discover that you haven't pushed the changes on another machine.

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Wondering if adding a rule to fail2ban to ban any IP that searches for a PHP file on my static-generated site would ban half of the internet?

This is cool!

The rover Europe sends to Mars in 2020 to look for life will carry the name of Rosalind Franklin. (She of the "what did Watson and Crick discover? Rosalind Franklin's notes!" joke I've seen going around.)

Plenty of stuff sent (or about to be sent) into space has men's names -- the Hubble and Webb telescopes, the Parker solar probe, etc -- but I can't think of anything that's had a woman's name so far.

Got my first taste of React this morning. I can see why folks like this. It definitely demos well.

I'm going to have to try real hard not to say "Spark Joy, Motherfuckers" in my talk on Tuesday.

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I have a hard time taking "Django Crispy Forms" seriously. Not the tech itself (which is quite nice) but the name just... eh?

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