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Saw On the Basis of Sex today with my awesome historian friend. We both believe RBG needs to be put in bubble wrap.

Apparently Google+ has 6.3 GB of data that they made available in my Google+ Takeout.

That's sobering.

In just two weeks the SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON will be upon us and so will the #Wolfspell🐺 Kickstarter. And two weeks after that, it will be gone.

No stretch goals. Just a sinewy game of adventurers turned wolf printed on a trifold album jacket & illustrated in full metal album glory by none other than +Shel Kahn!

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Are you a marginalized person or library or community center that supports marginalized people? Want a copy of Turn, a roleplaying game about shapeshifters in small towns? Fill out the survey here to be put on the list to receive a copy, while available:

We're hoping to fulfill in May! This is first come, first serve, with a preference for those identified by Turn backers in their backer surveys. As of now we're shipping them US and Italy! I think that's the fine print. Thank you!

Want to make more community copies available? Check out our pre-order page for that and copies of the game for yourself!

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portraits, eye contact, bad humor. 

Us, looking at history: Those Tudor Ruffs look really strange and uncomfortable.

This guy: Challenge Accepted.

uspol, alcohol mention, birdsite video 

"my favorite way to listen to the president is slowed down to 1/2 speed because it reveals how often times his logic is indistinguishable from that of a drunk person""

local news, grumble, bad words 

me: I think I'll check into the local newspaper site to see what local news is happening.

also me: Dear GOD how many sportball teams do we even have in this fucking state.

Given that many G+ community owners need to make a decisions soon I wrote a blog post about #FLOSS software to create a #forum or #community.

I think this will resonate with a lot of folks on federated platforms.

"The Spiderman Paradox
On one hand, Uncle Ben’s rule makes great sense: “With great power comes great responsibility.”

"The essence of the rule is that once you have great power, you need to take the responsibility that goes with it.

"And yet, it’s backfiring.

Having a little talk about "coffee vs tea" in the #peppercarrot IRC chat which turned out into (typo included, but I don't care):

Listening to Vaughan Williams "Job: A Masque for Dancing". I think I picked this one up at a library book sale for cheap, but it's a really powerful piece. Not sure I would have run across it otherwise as it hasn't had a lot of recordings.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You're in my sights
Pew pew pew

Important Information about Google+ APIs 

This was also troubling:

"If a person with whom you had shared profile information granted an app permission to view your public profile fields, that app was able to request and view your public profile fields, as intended, but inadvertently was also able to request and view any profile fields you had shared with that person, including profile fields that you had shared with that person but not shared publicly."

Naturally I didn't get a list of these.

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