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In this house we ... 

Hey all, just fyi I gave the wrong date *twice* for the talk I'm giving at Northeastern... it's tomorrow the 5th of December at 10am!

Hope to see you there!

It is the nineties, and there is time for 

So, um, can we get someone to shut down Pinterest too?

Verizon / Tumblr 

silly horror movie idea 

colleges, alumni shakedown 

TFW you wonder what you're going to do today and then everything decides it wants a piece of you.

Google Hangouts 

Things Craig will never understand 

*Blinks at an Ars Technica article about new Microsoft Office app icons* "Access [and a few other programs] aren't featured among the new icons, because although Microsoft continues to distribute them, the applications are all functionally abandonware, with no new feature work being performed."

Wait, what? So what's going to be replacing Access? Or are they abandoning anything short of SQLServer apps to Excel?

There seem to be some crashy crashes in #Tusky 4 :thaenkin:
Please send all hints on how to reproduce my way, the stacktraces alone don't make the most sense #tuskydev

I wish more bands released instrumental versions of their music, especially when it's this good:

Ten Miles Underwater (Instrumental Version - 2013)
by Atlantis Chronicles android app 

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