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No, I do not need to watch modular synth videos; they only give me bad ideas about what to do with the money I don't have, and the electrical bill that I don't need to add on to.

I was feeling a bit rubbish today, but something moved me to sit down and make a little crested gecko emoji, and now I've got a massive smile on my face. 😁

And thanks to @Curator, you can use it here!! Take a look: :squishygecko:

Aaaah!! 😍


(The shortcode is ": squishygecko :" without the spaces.)

Feel free to borrow and use on your own Mastodon instance!
:cc_share: :cc_by: :cc_nc_us:

Another reason why Mastodon is the best… 😘

I hope you're ready for some more Creative Commons Licensed Metal Music...

Because episode 180 of Open Metalcast is about to drop like a fucking brick from a 10th story window.

Didn't get to my reading this morning like I wanted but managed to make some progress on Our Oriental Heritage and Old Man's War.

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Anyone played Microscope? Curious about your experiences with it.

#rpg #tabletop #microscope

Two things you need to know:

1) You're awesome
2) Any evidence that counter-acts point 1 is suspect and should be considered harmful.

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Fucking pissed at white dudes in free software prioritizing exercising their free speech by showing "look, I can make jokes which affect people not like me" and then being like "free software is a movement for everyone"

Nobody has ever questioned whether *I* belong. But I've tried to bring in plenty of other people who left because they didn't feel welcome.

I believe in free software, I want it to be a movement for everyone. Most of these people would say "I do too".



The seal of Rassilon
The digital watch of Rassilon
The comfy slippers of Rassilon
The hotel towel of Rassilon
The toothpicks of Rassilon
The belt and suspenders of Rassilon
The Walkman of Rassilon
The puffy-sticker-album of Rassilon

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