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Hey gang, please take 5 minutes and go verify that you are registered to vote... <- it's this easy!


The Behind the Masc Zine Kickstarter continues well! Check it out and consider backing to get a cool zine with game materials and art!

Here's a post I wrote on G+ regarding my shonen-inspired RPG that I'm designing, and will be Kickstarting this fall.

I think in my next childhood I'm going to see if I can get a subscription to Antic magazine sooner.

Navene Koperweis & Chaney Crabb - ENTHEOS - 'Perpetual Miscalculations' Practice

Hey, there's a Michigan!/usr/group meeting happening on Tuesday of this week:

We'll be talking about React / Redux.

Can't make it to the meeting? We're streaming it live:

Hope to see you there!

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Thinking we might have a book party where people bring their books that they don't want anymore and take home books that other people brought that they do w as it.

Anything left over is either sold to a book seller to find the next party or is donated to the library.

Does anyone have a Discord Bot that can Toot?

Alt also pull in predetermined hashtags?

#ForkTogether #ForkOffTogether

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TIL: You can use `less` to read a PDF file (that has text in it, naturally).

The Behind the Masc Zine Kickstarter is LIVE! This project is run by non-cis masculine creators and we’re making Apocalypse World and Monsterhearts playbooks, rich backgrounds for D&D characters, and some lovely art, too! Please check it out - we've got some awesome creators working on re-imaginings of masculinity!
#nonbinary #trans #masc