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Winded myself pushing my reel mower in the front. Need to get some more exercise so I have the strength to push that in the back as well.

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As a corporation, Microsoft will out-live all of us. Same for Google and Apple. Free software is an inter-generational effort. We don't know what proprietary software companies will do beyond our lifetimes, so we need to do our best to care for free software in our lifetime. Same goes for a lot of other, similar efforts.

How you know you've married right:

@saganfan starts blaring Rush's Clockwork Angels to combat the neighbors bad music.

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(a legendary) LINUX game porter Ryan "Icculus" Gordon is looking for new games to bring!

He recently posted a new update on Patreon and this bit caught GamingOnLinux eye:

"I need more games to port. I have a bunch of maybes floating out there, but pretty soon I'm going to need definite yeses to work on. If you know someone in need, send them my way please."

His site:

#Icculus #RyanGordon #GOL #gaming #porting #AAA #Linux #GamingOnLinux

I think I have the first draft of my slides for the Mastodon and the Federated Web presentation. Need to give it a day to rest so I can look at it fresh.

And then to present it on Tuesday at .

Hope to see you there, either in person or online:

Learn more at

(And yes, this will be streamed)

...that one is usefully employed, but at the same time, is keenly aware one is not usefully employed, would have devastating effects. It’s not just an assault on the person’s sense of self-importance but also a direct attack on the very foundations of the sense that one even is a self. A human being unable to have a meaningful impact on the world ceases to exist. - D. Graeber, Bullshit Jobs

We grow the finest micro potatoes in order to make the finest micro chips.

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