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@craigmaloney @jk @noelle I just want to add that I don't think it's X + 1 and X, but X + Y and X + Z. Everyone has something different to offer. I'm the only consultant at Atomic without a college degree and I offer something very unique there; it took me awhile to appreciate that.

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Unrelated - I think I'll be presenting about Mastodon / Activity Pub / the Fediverse to our local user's group in June.

Apparently there's an article on Wikipedia about "No angry Mastodons" and I wasn't expecting life-coaching from Wikipedia:

me, coding in C#: i wont be a real dev until i code in C++

me, coding in C++: i wont be a real dev until i code in C

me, coding in C: i wont be a real dev until i code in assembly

me, coding in assembly: i wont be a real dev until i destroy god & supplant him as creator of all

Script Change has been updated, as it is a living document. If you've used it in a text, check out and reference the current version of Script Change with your products. Contact me with any questions!

Downloadable, formatted:

Oh shit.

Excel adds JavaScript support.

As if macro viruses weren't enough now we can worry about spreadsheets having crypto-mining malware.

This is not the future I signed up for.

I think this quote about Jon Anderson sums up why it took me a long time to get into Yes:

"They just said [forcefully], “Jon! Stop that!” So I put up a lot of plants and cut-outs of cows, sheep and ducks in the studio instead. The general consensus was, “It’s just Jon being Jon.” Rick Wakeman said the greatest thing ever about me. He said, “Jon Anderson is the only guy I know trying to save this planet while living on another one.” I love that."

(I'm glad I finally did

My sister graduated today, and here is the letter I wrote to her. You probably don't care about the letter itself, but hey! There are some recipes in it at the bottom

Just ran another game of No Thank You, Evil for my 5yo. She loves it. I heartily recommend it for people looking for a way to introduce RPGs to kids.

Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers

Had to replace my UPS because I managed to get 5 1/2 years out of it before it pooped out completely (shows 100% charge, but cuts power almost instantly at the slightest dip.

Might replace the battery on it and move it to some other equipment that I've wanted to put on a UPS. But have to wait for a bit before I can do that.

If you've ever suffered impostor syndrome here's a Patreon post by Icculus, one of the folks responsible for many Linux games ports, talking about his challenges getting thorough 3D math:

Oh is it Follow Friday?

How about @nightpool who is an awesome participant in the W3C Social Web Community Group and has helped think through a lot of actual-implementation-use things of ActivityPub?

How about also @CobaltVelvet who is a great instance administrator?

Hm, and fellow scheme hacker @dthompson is good!

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