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Oh is it Follow Friday?

How about @nightpool who is an awesome participant in the W3C Social Web Community Group and has helped think through a lot of actual-implementation-use things of ActivityPub?

How about also @CobaltVelvet who is a great instance administrator?

Hm, and fellow scheme hacker @dthompson is good!

Captain Caveman never rewrites history like I did on #peppercarrot Git repository !

Thank you @midgard and sorry for this noob mistake @davidrevoy

We did it! Journey Away is 138% funded! Thank you all so much!

Hi folks,

Looking for folks to test out the recent changes in as we converge upon the 0.3.4 release:

Please let us know if there are any issues you run across or things that aren't as clear as they should be.

Thanks for flying !

Looking at the skills and thinking that adapting one of the existing skills to an an Open Metalcast skill might be forthcoming. 😁 🤘

Things that warm my heart: GCC 8 has gccgo which is mostly up-to-date with Google's gc.

I find it slightly strange that No Starch Press and Pragmatic Programmers don't have Go Lang books. I suspect the one reason is because nobody has pitched one but they're both publishers that I trust to have their fingers on the pulse of programming.

Morning, beautiful people.

As Audre Lorde famously said, your silence will not save you.

If you want a better life, a better place, a better world, there are going to be moments of sustained effort and struggle.

It would be nice if we as humans could just talk our differences out, but unfortunately that is not the case.

However, there are more people out there that are fighting for a better world than you think.

Keep pushing. We'll find each other.

The hardest problem in computer science is... 

4 out of 5 dentists recommend... 

Use this amazing trick to get what you want in life .. 

"We could not find recall/service campaign information about this vehicle because:

* This vehicle does not have an open recall/service campaign;
* A recall/service campaign was issued more than 15 years ago; OR
* There was an internal server error.

Well, that narrows it down a bit. Thanks, VW!

This restaurant is playing Rush: Xanadu in it's entirely and it is glorious.

What if the real reason Millennials are killing everything is because they're fed up with sub-par experiences.

So, in short, pay $132 to diagnose something that is common...

but don't stock the part...

and charge $400 for the part...

that is a common problem...

but somehow isn't common enough for extended warranty or what-not...

and then damage my vehicle and call me a liar.

Yep, Get right on that experience folks.

Car companies are likely wondering why folks are doing without owning a car.

and yet, after $132 to diagnose that the lock assembly in my car is damaged (it's a common problem) they didn't have the part in stock (it's so common we don't stock parts) and then managed to damage my car on the other side.

Of course they're trying to prove that it wasn't them, but the camera system is new you see, and nobody has access to it.

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