@jwildeboer I had this with a particular seller. Did you get a tracking number?

If you've ever wanted to get something for the boy who has everything (on his wishlist) how about more more metal that has this kind of groove.


@max @dsfgs @sean And here's the other thing that happens when you mention blockchain that makes talking about anything related to this tech "fun".

QI Elf Ed Brooke-Hitching (@foxtosser) has a new book out called The Sky Atlas, a history of cosmic myth and discovery, illustrated with beautiful star maps and paintings. Check it out here: amzn.to/2kxtJot t.co/9KeNPh4l1l

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I like my reference manuals tech just like my death metal.

@cwebber You've joined an elite group, my friend: the face of a protocol or standard.

This is likely what Metcalfe dealt with whenever Ethernet beat Token Ring or some other competing standard.

I know it feels like failure, but it's a badge of honor, and a badge that you have earned with three years of hard work.

All I saw in that post was sour grapes that someone else did't get to wear that badge. That's all.

@gargron (note: not discounting the idea. I think it's still immensely valid. Just reminding folks of an instance where it was tried semi-successfully.).

@gargron This was also Evan Prodromou's business model during identi.ca and statusnet.

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@sean @dsfgs Not to mention that mentioning it at least once in any conversation brings someone out of the woodwork to prosthelytize its benefits regardless if they're germane to the topic.

yo tbh?

some of y'all fediverse developers need to go apply for bluesky and aim to co-opt this thing

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@sean That's likely why they're thinking Blockchain. They're not looking to just give away content without trying to figure out how to monetize. If that were the case they'd just adopt ActivityPub and be done with it.

@sean This just feels like hand-waving to throw money at a misguided solution.

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MUG meeting starting shortly. Head to mug.org for streaming details

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