@ajroach42 my mom drank this stuff as a coffee substitute. I've had it as well, but I can't remember what it tastes like.

True confession:

Every time I see "GraphQL" I wonder who is talking about Sinclair QL software at this late hour.

screw the Home Depot Giant Skeleton all my homies want the Spirit Halloween Animatronic Krampus

You probably heard @RIAA used #DMCA to get @microsoft's @GitHub to remove youtube-dl, but did you know Microsoft funds RIAA as a member? We call on Microsoft (& any organizations who purports to support #FOSS) to resign from RIAA in protest.


The Google Icon redesign looks amateurish and doesn't make me think of them as professional applications.

I hope whomever did this (be they a consulting firm, internal marketing, etc.) reevaluate their life's choices.

(Note: Yes yes, Google is evil. Tell it to someone who hasn't heard it 100 times from someone more articulate than you. Please tell someone else).

I don't often bring up domain blocks, but if you're running your own server, you might want to block the domain 10minutepleroma.com, the potential for spam and abuse is immense.

@liw I'm stull trying to figure out why my X key keeps alternating between right-side-up and up-side-down.

Post-Mozilla Rust: The Future of the Rust Language


(Outline link 'cause it is on Medium and requesting readers to create a "free" account.)

🤔 What's best for a new desktop computer with GNU/Linux nowadays? I'm looking for performances (CG arts/Krita), only Free/Libre drivers and around 1K€... Hard to find trusty infos... If you have advice/recommendations, pls lmk.👍

@thomasfuchs Pretty sure that's the "OMG they can't keep it up! Pull out! Abort Abort!" of the stock market at work.

family death 

@mwlucas Sorry to hear that she passed. Sending love to you and your family, and thoughts of patience.

@irisjaycomics I feel like we're seeing the start of new letters for some form of primitive...


I'll see myself out.

Today, my wife and me adopted a third cat. He is a cute kitten named Miolek (/mjolɛk/; aka "the one who meow a lot"). I'm so happy.


One thing about growing up in Detroit is that I have an overdeveloped appreciation for food with lemon in it.

And red onions

seriously considering putting together a video series on how to use LMMS and do basic open source music production. I could make all the files available to download as well. So people could follow along.

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