@denidimochka they're working up the courage to ask if the blinking 12:00 on their microwave is spying on them.

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Also having a moment where I wonder if I can put my fears and regrets on Craigslist or would that be way too meta.

Having a moment where I remember that I have Gary Numan's "The Pleasure Principle" in my music library and wonder why I forgot.

@mwlucas @kurtm Well, that and the number of effects folks who hold Harryhausen's work as sacred.

I think if you did make a serious replace Harryhausen's work in a film there are enough folks in Hollywood that would go the extra mile to make your death look like all the accidents.

Hey everybody! The Internet Archive is doubling your contributions today. So for all of you anarchist anti-capitalist fight the power types, *THIS* is the moment to show your support in a meaningful way :)

@mwlucas @kurtm Honestly for me it would be like adding CGI to Ray Harryhausen's work. And I think the only reason that horrifying thought hasn't happened yet is because Harryhausen's effects were the whole point.

Why did nobody tell me that Joe Jackson has a new studio album coming out?


Consider yourselves reprimanded for this oversight.

@Julia I have my collection on BGG as well:


The ones that have "Plays" and ratings next to them are the ones that are more suited for 2 players.

@Julia One Deck Dungeon does what it says on the tin and can be played cooperatively. It gets really hard (like most cooperative games) but can be good for a quick game:


@Julia Aeon's End is a great cooperative deck-builder game that really sang to JoDee (my wife) and I:


@urso @Julia Agreed, it can feel like you're playing the game rather than each other. But it also has the Apprentice Edition which can be a cheap start and is specifically set up for one-two players:


@Julia @urso Also Ascension is related (older sibling) of the Realms games, but has a different winning condition, and doesn't feature direct conflict as prominently as the Realms games.

@Julia @urso Hero Realms and Star Realms are closely related and use the same engine, but they have slight differences between the two. I'd recommend checking them both out.

There's also Cthulhu Realms, which uses the same engine but plays slightly different from Star Realms or Hero Realms.

(There's also versions of Cthulhu Realms and Star Realms on mobile devices).

@colleen Also, there's "MIDI Keyboard" by Dreamhound Studios that seems pretty decent.

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