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The G'MIC team has a shiny new 2.2 release out! Come see what's new in this awesome project! (lots of neat stuff thanks to input from the one and only @davidrevoy

#FOSS #photography #FreeSoftware #artwithopensource

@skellat Different shame. That tends to be more brash.

"Try to pose for yourself this task: not to think of a polar bear, and you will see that the cursed thing will come to mind every minute."— Fyodor Dostoevsky

Want to wind up an RPG designer? Imply they have no business or no credibility designing a game of a certain genre or with specific thematic content. It totally works on me apparently.

No, Craig, you don't have to listen to the new album all at once. You can go to bed and listen to it tomorrow too.


Overheard, my 12 year old: "ah, worlds. My favorite oysters."

Latest release from Hypnotic Dirge Records cements this label as one of my favorite sources of new metal music:

Into the Arms of Darkness by Marche Funèbre


They also have a subscription where for as little as $5 Canadian per month you can have months of metal music made available to your earholes.

I really need to get back onto doing interviews for Open Metalcast because the temptation to do an entire Hypnotic Dirge Records show is tempting.

Seth Godin's latest podcast talks about Status:

What's really interesting is the piece about shame and how that can be used to elevate status.

I think one of the best ways to "break our programming" is to stop feeling shame; from society, neighbors, co-workers, and even some of our loved ones.

@kemonine @cwebber Dan Gilbert is the person you're thinking of.

And yeah, BeagleBone is really exciting since they're now using GHI electronics in Madison Heights to assemble their boards.

@cwebber I think I answered the question but feel free to ping me with other questions you might have.

There's a columnist that I follow named Jack Lessenberry that writes very well about the problems facing Detroit and Michigan. I don't always agree with him but more often than not he is on-point and almost prophetic about Detroit and its turn-around (or lack thereof).

@cwebber Detroit has unique challenges. We have amazing architecture that is crumbling, buildings that hearken back to a bygone era that now sport the scars and paint of disaffected youth, and neighborhoods where showing the slightest bit of affluence makes you a target. And we have multi-million corporations pouring money into the city as fast as they can to build it up. It's a strange dichotomy for folks who aren't as familiar with it.But we have a rich history and an awesome legacy.

@cwebber The largest problem is we have a very divided Detroit. We have a race problem that has been simmering for generations, and part of the reason we don't have a mass transit system up Woodward Avenue is because the rich folks don't want "those people" having easy access to their cities.

We also have a lot of folks from Eastern Europe and the Middle East setting up residence. Many folks still come to Detroit to work here, and having the headquarters of three automakers and suppliers helps

@cwebber Well, I wouldn't want to sway you from heading over here to see things first-hand.

Detroit is in some ways the canary in the coalmine for large cities. We've had a lot of folks leave the area and a lot of corruption over the years. We also have a large amount of super-rich folks in the suburbs and a lot of poverty in the city. But things seem to be an an up-tick in recent years. We've had some competent leadership that realizes that you can't just ride out the problems in the city.

@mwlucas I used to joke that Ford didn't need a test track: just drive down I-94 and see what shakes off. That's more true than ever it seems.

@cwebber I still see hope in there. It's a Metro-Detroit thing. 😁

@ckeen Cold-patch doesn't seem to work here. Within a few days the potholes return and now they're on a gravel road. 😁

Michigan roads are seriously bad this year:

It's not uncommon to see places like this throughout the metro-area. There are roads that we don't go down because they're essentially impassable.

It's been two months since I deleted my account on birdsite.

Gotta be honest, I only miss it a little bit for the folks I left behind.

Hope they'll join me soon, but I wish them well.

Looks like a lot of my contract work is ending this month. Time to do the thing I struggle with: network and hunt for more freelance work. 😅

If anyone is looking for a copy editor or writer for games or fiction, drop me a line!

@KitRedgrave Yeah, there's an awful lot of that.

Also have learned to not be hard on the HR folks because they're likely not the bottleneck in any of this.