There is only one Star Wars TV show and unless it has a cabaret moment with Bea Arthur you aren't watching it.

fun-ruining spoiler 


260 AC
Air conditioning (or lack therof) in a car or truck by rolling down the windows and driving 60 mph.

Presumably 460 AC is four windows.



@mwlucas Looked it up and now I feel like I should have known this.

re: Restoration YouTube 

@Jo @kemonine Honestly I was expecting much worse, but yeah, calling it a restoration is a real stretch.

@thomasfuchs Model M for typing

Model F XT for nostalgia (hate the layout)

Model F 123 key if I needed all the keys.

Model M tenkeyless if I don't have the space

And the 3270 keyboard if I needed to let someone in Hong Kong know I was typing (and if I needed to take someone out in a hurry).

Michigan, covid, fines 

Effective Monday in Michigan, there's a $500 fine & a misdemeanor charge for not wearing a mask indoors or in crowded outdoor spaces.

Homes and churches are excluded. Wear a mask in church, or in coming months your congregation gets a LOT smaller. Up to you.

This will be *far* more profitable for the cops than traffic enforcement.

So: speed all you want, but wear your mask.

@freakazoid I'm not sure if that's the case but sometimes the front-runner ages out and what once solved the issue no longer applies (I've seen this in Django in the transition from 1.9 and before and 2.x and later).

Don't let anyone tell you that searching for answers online in a technical field is wrong or somehow a sign of weakness. It just means you're not sure how to do something and are asking questions from the internet.

Weakness is part of programming. Not understanding is part of programming. Nobody understands all of this shit without someone helping them. It's just that some folks forget who helped them.

(I wrote a book on this and other things about programming here:

I'm a "tech guy" on a lot of teams. My major skill is confidence. If I don't know how to do something, I'll type whatever keywords I can think of into DuckDuckGo and keep trying things until they work. I usually have no idea what I'm doing before starting on a new task. I like doing things I haven't done before.

If you can search the web and can be comfortable with some ambiguity, you could do this too.

A lot of women have been told this approach is insufficient. That was a lie to oppress you.

ready player one 

@saramg Oof, I didn't even think of The Hero's Journey angle. God, if I never see the vestiges of Joeseph Campbell's lazy scholarship ever again it will be too soon.

I don't even know how to CW this???? weird af stuff in archives? sex crime mention? 

@platypus Dewey just didn't think big enough. 🙃

I don't even know how to CW this???? weird af stuff in archives? sex crime mention? 

@platypus I think that's the section to the right of the computers in every library I've been to. 😁

(and yes, I've mentioned this before as a question for why that is).

ready player one 

Hello, I'm a child of the 1980s who loves Rush and is steeped in Atari lore.

Throughout this book I kept saying "I see what you did there". It felt like a bunch of nostalgia taped together into a narrative (mind you, not a horrible narrative, but definitely not something that I would willingly repeat)

I know there are folks who adore this book for what it gives them in nostalgia and experience, so I'm glad it has its audience. I'm just not sure it warranted a second go.

its interesting that all software that used to be handy and cool eventually becomes some kinda awful dystopian hell-program after about 5-10 years. like remember that website where if you were setting up a new PC you could go on there and select which applications you wanted and it would download them all in a big zip file. i bet it downloads malware onto your computer by now

Finish this little piece, Witch and cat and what else not. 🙃

Ink on cardboard repurposed paper, 4x4in. Mastodon exclusive pocket price! just $25 😁
DM if Interested or know someone who can adopt it? let them know!🙏🏼

#mastoart #cat #witch #art

@CarlCravens Yeah, I'm wondering how many Amiga folks didn't use Workbench on that machine. Coming from a Macintosh and GEM it just feels clunky by comparison. Even FVWM with X Toolkit seems like an improvement.

@freakazoid What I'd love to see is what software has attained these lofty heigts of perfection. I'd love to know how me, a sinful being, might look upon the face of God.

Every time I think "I should have bought an Amiga back in the day" I fire up Workbench 1.3 and realize how absolutely inscrutable the Amiga GUI was.

I just wrote a quick "hello world" C program and God knows where I saved it to.

Chris Crawford was right: Apple did to the Amiga what Apple did to Atari.

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