@Jo What do you mean you don't want remastered versions overlapping the original release?

Logitech Media Server does this and it drives me batty.

(I was insisting they keep the change and they insisted on trying to do the conversion, which at the time was $1 CDN = ~$.68 USD

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(note: trying to buy a shirt from the festival to replace the one that had seagull-shit on it was fun, especially when the nice women working the stand were trying desperately to convert $20 USD to ~$15-$20 Canadian and I really just needed the damn shirt.

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"Have you heard of Linux?"

I remember when the mascot was a platypus and I have the T-shirt to prove it. It even got shit on by a seagull while I was holding a unicycle at a busking festival in Toronto.


Getting tired of all of the communities doing their organizing on Facebook.

(Note: I'm not the organizer. Recommending platforms to me is like recommending pants for a duck: in the end nobody is happy).

(Also note: I was off Facebook in 2008. I didn't get a medal then and neither will you.)

matrix (shitpost) 

@Nixfreak Please restate your response in the form of a Matrix message.

matrix (shitpost) 

Matrix (n): a protocol that everyone recommends you use in the hopes that one day you too shall sit quietly and expectantly waiting for someone else you know to also start using it.

(All replies to this toot must be via Matrix. I don't make the rules).

@ajroach42 I found the IronSworn Tabletop RPG and it's really getting me excited to play it.

@paulczege You might need to get that checked, or perhaps you might need a catharter.

covid-19 mutation, Michigan 

Apparently the B.1.1.7. mutation of COVID-19 has hit Michigan.

Strap in, folks.

@sean We are literally building a capsule on re-entry while parts of the current capsule burn away in the hopes that we don't explode.

Another ink piece, some steampunk-ish eye glasses I saw in a photo long ago, I really wanted to draw something similar so here they are. 😁

Bohemian Punk Night
ink on paper

#mastoart #art #drawing #ink


@mdhughes I believe the term for these records is "evidence".

@pamela my Chrome autofill has "Declined to indentify" in it, and that has literally gone out on several mailing labels and orders.

(also has a typo, because reasons).

@paulczege I started "Wait for Me" but I stopped because I realized I'd spent the past few years uncovering the experiences it was trying to convey (regret, loss, guilt, etc.). I might try another journaling game in the future, but the experience felt like trying to elicit catharsis for tortured souls.

dark bad mental health 

@jookia If it's any consolation you've made me more aware of accessibility issues in FLOSS. even if I'm not able to directly change them I now know that something isn't right and can do my best to press for someone to fix them (and not just parrot that OSS is better just because of the license). Small victories.

Large victories take time. I wish they didn't but that's always been the case. But things change for the better when more folks are aware there's a problem.

dark bad mental health 

@jookia We can never know our impact. Something that may seem like a complete failure or a waste of time might be the quiet thing they need.

Case in point:


perhaps your insistence is spawning a shift in how we view software accessibility without you realizing it. The only way to be sure is to keep trying for as long as you can.

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