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I'm making an exception to my no-traveling rule for Penguicon... where I'll be technical guest of honor! I'm very excited!

Penguicon seems like a pretty wild event:

@cwebber I thought it was just me. I literally don't read math in papers or in textbooks. It might as well say "time passes".

@ItsJenNotGabby @CartoonBangover "It appears you have expressed fleeting curiosity in this topic. Here's the metric shit-ton of semi-related content"

(Off in the distance, the sound of thousands, no, hundreds of thousands of dump trucks backing up).

(Unrelated: Metal Injection is a decent site if you're into that sort of music).

@dredmorbius @sir info is great for people who think Gopher is a discoverable protocol.

Also not sure how but I'm pretty sure info can have even less information in it than man pages and now my brain hurts.

Has anyone ever followed someone just because they followed them on Youtube? Seriously, stop asking me to "return the favor".

work, suicide attempt mention (not me) 

@cwebber "Just remember that fantasy realism is based on unreproduceable scientific experiments between one guy with a sword vs an unarmed mannequin holding a phone book, OK?"

making fun of sportcar 

If you ever wanted to know where my exit-ramp is before I get to Country Music this is a good off-ramp:

Webb Wilder "Just had to laugh"

@lenlen Problem for me is a lot of those covers were my first exposure to those songs. Almost all of those songs I thought were originals (save for the ones that came much later on, like "Turn the Page" by Metallica.

I grew up really musically ignorant. I mean, I found out about Aerosmith from the Run DMC cover of "Walk This Way". 😊

unpopular opinion: I still think Shadows Fall was an amazing band.

@mwlucas @kusuriya (cue Roy's speech at the end of Blade Runner)

"I've... seen things you people wouldn't believe.

Regex on fire in the streams of data...

Single-line code that did more than a thousand lines of C

All this... memory.... lost.... like garbage collection... in the drain.

Time to die;"

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