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Craig Maloney ☕

@tcql perhaps they'll make a more exclusive medium version and call it medium rare.

@briecs working on that whole not dying thing. Hoping you'll try it as well.

"If I have burned this bridge know that I did so in order to provide light to both sides. And my hope is it burns so fierce that it illuminates the world."

From an email that I composed in my head and will likely never send.

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Happy (whatever day you feel like celebrating) to you!

If you started writing on because 'why not' and 'it's a slick process', consider the fact that the company has started pestering readers to sign up with pop-overs.

VC funded companies are not public works. Their investors will want that $134 million back.

@BertL I'm not sure if it was just the template that they claimed copyright over or the content itself, but regardless it wasn't what clear what they were laying claim over.

@kemonine I don't think we're doing anything special. That code landed before I showed up so I'm not sure.

@bstacey yeah, that's why I chose that analogy. 😎

@vfrmedia @saper Yeah, over here in the USA there are contacting houses that feel it necessary to reformat, edit, and somehow primp resumes to make candidates stand out. They also do it to step out contact details and prevent the hiring company from circumventing the contracting company.

@briecs yeah, it happened to me one time for an interview where I was sent in with a word salad interpretation of my resume. The contacting form representative handed it to me in the parking lot as I was walking to the interview and I was mortified.

@jer_ Thank you. I thought I was the only person that got irritated over this shit.

Yeah, this was in part because of a bad word salad interpretation of one of my resumes but also because I think Zip Recruiter scraped my resume from my site. That's why I went NC on it.

I mean, if they had asked or said "please reformat this to a govt resume" that's one thing. But this is beyond the pale for me.

Huge red flag for me is when consulting companies reformat and retype your resume. Call it my Van Halen M&M dish but seeing my resume reformatted with a company header and a copyright on it means in just another piece of meat to them.

That's why I put a CC-BY-NC-ND license on my resume. And I just called out a company on violating the license for my resume.

@abbenm I claim complete ignorance and apathy. :)

@chigh Oh totally. I can do more with Audacity than I could with two tape decks. :)