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I finished David Graeber's "Bullshit Jobs" book. I have thinkie things to say about the book, but overall I am gobsmacked at how he strung the history and the sociology of our current employment situation.

Not sure I 100% agree with his conclusions about UBI being the answer but I definitely want to be more mindful about what I work on and how to change the system that punishes those who do caring labor.

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@gargron Delete and Redraft is amazing. Thank you so much for this feature!

The talks and tutorials for PyOhio 2018 have been released:

If you're in the Ohio area at the end of July you won't want to miss this free Python conference (I'm not even from Ohio and I wouldn't dare miss it.)

Hope to see you there!

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@viciousviscosity Then they must pay for their crimes of being visible again.

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@johny Thank you.

I'm not sure what folks might need; this was just a presentation for our local user's group. Perhaps new users could let us know what pain points they had and we (the community) can see how best to address those needs.

@zigg @viv @djsundog My reality says that it's akin to Disneyland without the requirement for the E Ticket.

@djsundog Wow, I've never seen an Audrey in the wild. Very cool.