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In case you think it's a good idea to build a business around another company's proprietary technology, this can (and does) happen: If you think this is a one-off, talk to someone who built a company or product around Microsoft Silverlight... That screwed a whole lot of unwise people over.

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this cat serenely sitting on piles of delicious garlic laid out to cure somehow also manages to exude "enthroned upon a mound of skulls" energy

@mwlucas @pamela I'm particularly fond of Don Quixote, and would like to subscribe to that T-Shirt Newsletter.

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@zigg Oh my, had I known you hadn't heard Gentle Giant I would have piped up sooner.

They're pretty much the blueprint for a lot of the vocal harmonies of Spock's Beard.

If you're of a certain age you might remember the band "Meco". If that name rings a bell then you might enjoy this cover of "The Force Theme" by Scandroid:

(If that name doesn't ring a bell then here's a synth-based cover of "The Force Theme" by Scandroid. Also, I'm old.

@Bagel3000 I _think_ it's a CD / DVD burner, but I'm not entirely sure.

@Jo Honestly this is about as secure as a travel soap-dish container. At least the travel soap dish has another use, and won't draw attention to itself like this piece of crap.

@polychrome my guess is that they're still using '00s hardware in these things because they're now "proven" and because they can now outsource maintenance to outside firms that boast "10+ years of experience" with this hardware.

Why do I stay on :birdsite:​?

Because every now and then, I get warm fuzzies by ruining someone's day.

OK, done for now. Thinking I might try this later, perhaps with a small Linode server.

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