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Craig Maloney ☕

@alice There's ones optimized for generating crypto tokens for authentication, but not sure if they're useful for mining.

Thales has several units.


The "Hide everything from this instance" option in your profile is an instance block, not an instance silence.

What that means for you:

1) You will unfollow everyone on the server you suspend
2) You will be unable to interact with anyone from the server you suspend

It is not a mute, it is a block


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@chuck yw. LMK which ones tickle your fancy and I'll see if I can find some more in that vein.

@chuck Will check it out later. Am not by a computer that can play it.

@chuck He's one of the few ambient artists that can keep my attention for a full album or two. So many of them can't make it past the half-hour mark before I get bored.

@chuck Steve will also sign things on request. Which means I'm 100% more likely to try for the physical copy.

@chuck Listened to "Structures from Silence" today.

Funnily enough I haven't listenied to most of those. I have "Long Thoughts", but haven't picked up the rest. He's definitely one of the most prodigious artists out there.

If you do a search you'll see the ones that I've managed so far:

(Also have "Live Transmission" from, and a few others I've found in the wild. Plus "The Desert Collection" as a happy little bonus.)

@chuck Go for it. I'm still learning as I go along.

@chuck They also introduced me to Steve Roach so there's that. ;)

@chuck Well, I'm on the ubuntu-us-mi channel so I could just ask him. 😀

Lots of new follows, so: #introduction

My tech books cover OpenBSD, FreeBSD, networking, sudo, PGP, DNSSEC, ZFS, SSH, ed(1), etc.

My novels include "Immortal Clay," or Carpenter's _Thing_ but after we lose; "Butterfly Stomp Waltz," a globe-trotting Die Hard heist; and "git commit murder," if Agatha Christie ran Unix cons.

My most popular book: systemd erotica!

A writer, so heavy user of :flan_molotov: and :flan_piteous:

(Well, that'll clear out the weaklings...)

@chuck Thank you, though I think we might have met in the channel at some point.

@chuck (And yes, I'd love to get mitechie in here)

Almost all of my interests in one photo.

(Selfie, minimal eye contact)

@creatrixtiara In the notifications column there should be a "hamburger menu" on the right side. CLick on that and adjust the settings there.