@sean Peter Pan: for when Jif feels like the no sugar option.

@artlogic Possibly? It's been a little bit, but I did do a little show-and-tell at Penguicon about Sinclair stuff. Also the Jupiter Ace (which sadly I don't have the hardware).

@artlogic In order:

I have hardware, but haven't programmed it directly. I used an emulator with some assemblers:


I didn't grow up in the UK (was more of an Atari brat) but fell in love with the community of Sinclair folks and their openness. Also because the ROMs are available for all, and Nine Tiles has GPLed their source code.

Just a real feeling of community there and a lot of folks wanting to understand the machine more.

#cashflowforcreatives cover, try 1 

#cashflowforcreatives cover, try 1 

@artlogic Not specifically, but I've been known to do some Sinclair ZX Spectrum programming during CHC. 😁

@Jo Wow. I have Blazing Lasers and didn't realize there was a possible movie tie-in. Just thought it was a generic shmup.

@Jo NEC America or NEC Japan? Because NEC America was probably out back sniffing glue.

@artlogic I run the Royal Oak CHC meting which meets every Wednesday. 😁 Though we're planning on joining the Ann Arbor group this week.

@artlogic Bah. Wednesday is a popular day for these isn't it? Coffee House Coders is opposite. 😁

OK folks, this is not a drill - virtual retro tech meetup happening in just over a week!


Good morning, Penguicon.
Check out stuff and things going on over at the Penguicon website. Here's the latest: We're having a virtual con! 2020.penguicon.org/2020/04/mov

Brian Eno's number one hit 

Delete your Tapatalk Account, get an offer for 50% off of VIP+ membership.

Yeah, that makes total sense.

@sunflowers Yeah, that would make me want to find the mute button for them.

type in the following into your smart phone and post the result. "Alexander the ______"

covid, men 

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