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Craig Maloney fanfic ☕

Thank the maker I only borrowed this album from the library.

TFW you realize that project from that jazz band leader that you thought was primarily instrumental has vocals on it.

Bad 1970s vocals.

@cwebber @nightpool I'm totally paying some couple to name their kid index.html just to poke this beast. :)

@cstanhope Wow. I never had that experience. Best I had was a Gopher client for the place where we worked (College of Engineering, Wayne State).

@cwebber Also I fear this is also the end of the "view source" generation. And not just the big companies. This is the sort of thing that photographers have tried for ages to prevent right-click via JavaScript. This is for the blockhead that feels it necessary to put their copyrights all over the site and will now "protect" their "intellectual property" from anyone daring to take a peek.

I'm sure this was done as a compromise with the media companies but this is far more horrific.

@cwebber From a purely practical perspective I think the W3C has just signed themselves for the worst game of whack-a-mole imaginable. Make no mistake: whatever solution they propose will be cracked and it will be cracked with a malicious glee that only the Internet can offer. And their attempts to try to control and prevent this will only make matters worse.

We saw this with DeCSS.
We saw this with encryption controls.

There is no lock that withstands repeated and calculated force.

@MissMacSee No, you re right. Sorry, but if the first thing someone goes for is an ad-hominem attack about your mental state then it's no longer about the argument but about cutting you down.

In other words they can get bent.

@CobaltVelvet @gargron Damn, I thought @cwebber had managed to get Twitter to start supporting ActivityPub as well. ;)

@cebeer @SarcasmKid I just don't like the taste of Pepsi. I'll drink RC Cola sooner. :)

@craigmaloney @cstanhope Yeah, Amazon has all of the purchase history, along with archived orders that didn't go through. Surprising amount of data in there.

DRM will unravel the Web

My personal thoughts and feelings about the W3C allowing DRM to move forward as a W3C Recommendation.

@CobaltVelvet This. Though I can foresee idiots trying to over-use DRM tech (like the fools that try to disable right-click on images).

I'm not sure which is better.

Over on birdsite there's a hashtag of

I preesent to you the pinnacle of bad taste and portents of things to come:

Java in a Nutshell, Deluxe Edition, from June 1997.

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