Wondering how long it will take someone to make a NFTL drive joke.

All I have to say is I'm glad I'm getting really good at burning my nostalgia for things.

@alienghic Not yet, but that they're continuing to improve Jitsi and make it a world-class product (and still open source) gives me hope.

Being able to cancel my Zoom subscription and throw my money over to 8x8 for their hosted Jitsi instances is a very, very nice feeling.

Today is your absolute last-chance to submit programming for Penguicon 2021. There's always next year, but at the rate the world is going you might want to get in on this before it's too late.

Submit your programming here:


#penguicon2021 #penguicon

Worked on my presentations for over the weekend. Reminding myself to only agree to low-prep improvisational panels in the future. 😁

@saramg I'm sorry, what?

Things have come a long way since The Price is Right, and not in a good way.

@noelle Princess Bride Voice: "What he was really saying was "I love you, sir""


Sean Connery voice: She Pee You.

Picked up Microscope, Microscope Explorer, and Follow from Lame Mage. Looking forward to playing this and talking about it (briefly) at Penguicon.

Bandcamp Album of the Day:

Queen Marsa EP by QUEEN MARSA


A reminder to not put all of your "carrying the flame of rock and roll" eggs in only a few baskets. These folks are proof that it's good to diversify.

@mattl I know you as one of the folks that believes strongly in the principles of free software. I also know that you'll work tirelessly to keep those principles alight. What becomes of the FSF is their own doing. What becomes of the principles they taught and the way that we carry ourselves is our own doing. The FSF has no power over that unless we give it to them.

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