Introducing the 0.99 app version of Graphics Manager, the knock-off suite of Adobe products.

(This is the new logo for General Motors, which looks like someone spent entirely too much money and spent entirely too much time for a really shitty logo)

celebrity death anniversary 

Still missing you, Professor

Wish that younger me had taken better care to hang this beauty.


Good thing we didn't impeach Trump before he could pardon every one of his sycophants and enablers.


Trump pardoning people makes me wonder if he's got another daughter we don't know about getting married.

Remember seeing this and thinking it was going to be a good class period?

Ah yes, Microsoft {{ ctrl.header }} {{ ctrl.subHeader }}

Remember to {{$root resources strings.upsell_leave_by_mistake | translate}}

(Note: recommendations for other platforms will be mocked. Recommendations for using Matrix will be scorned.)

Productivity tip:

If you run your own mail server and would like a break from receiving email then turn it off overnight. You'll wake up with inbox zero in the morning.

I should start an image blog of maps that can't draw Michigan.

(All images are maps with various interpretations of Michigan and other states)

covid, governor whitmer, semi-joking 

I love our governor, but she has a tendency to remind me of someone that makes me feel... conflicted.

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