Have to say that the Atari Mega ST series computers are some handsome machines.

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This is oddly specific about mailing things like cremated remains and day old poultry.


There is a rather large praying mantis on my office window. We have named her Matilda.

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Why do I feel like Sir Cumference should be a Mastodon username?

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Always remember to wear your mask.

Just marveling at how clean and clear the interface is for Pure C on the Atari ST. This is basically a version of Turbo C ported to the Atari ST and it is a thing of beauty.

The screenshot is of the debugger which shows assembly next to the source lines. It even has an "animate" function that will run code at about one step every half-second.

IKEA ad snark 

"Get everything you need for deep, complete sleep"

Sorry, IKEA, but I'd be terrified of those pictures falling off the wall and murdering me in my sleep.

Ken and Dennis commanded such star power that their rider to even enter a building required all of the exit signs to be relabeled "UNIX".

Also they traveled with a plate-glass that had their names and "Inventors of UNIX" on it, along with their most recent award.

Early UNIX researchers tried many different ways to customize their Emacs setup to make it more efficient.

Back in the old days people would have to walk 10 miles in the snow both ways in order to send a SMS message

Tickled pink that an Amiga can run EmuTOS (this one is an emulated A600)


Atari Planetarium apparently is Y2K compliant, though it still has Pluto as a planet

About to add another Logitech M557 mouse to the "left click gives you double-click" pile.

At some point I'll get brave and fix the wonky switches on these mice.

(This is not a call for your mouse of choice. I've standardized on this mouse)

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