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It's a damn shame that headless guitars and basses with boxy frame like the Steinberger pretty much stayed in the 1980s, because I think they're still kinda sexy.

Not sure if about to be the cover of a Richard D James Album or about to sell some wicked insurance.

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If you ever feel like you ever need special effects and big budgets remember that you can still tell a compelling story with a man dressed in second-hand clothes and a puppet.

There's something rather simple about metal bands circa 1990s.

Remember when install software floppies could be repurposed ?

Part of me wishes that I would have kept the install software on this disk, but 1997s me was already deep into Linux territory.

"High Intensity Discharge" sounds like an awful medical condition.

Is it just me or is the VirtualBox splash screen looking more and more like Oracle is going to do something nefarious soon?

Also: this splash screen just looks like 8 4-hour design meetings preceded the final "OK fine: here you go" (angry wavy scribble distort) "are you fucking happy now?".

(Note: this is not the toot for telling me what your favorite VM is, or how terrible Oracle is. You will not please the teacher if you ignore this. Move along)

That's nice, Windows 10. Could you let me log in now?

(How do people live with this crap?)

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