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JoDee got a new chair. This is the same one that we bought for the living room that Pixel took over.

Now this one seems to be taken over as well.

Ikea selfie Show more

Ran into a picture of myself about a year ago. I was wearing the same shirt that I have on now, but I was in a hotel room after flying most of the day. I was hungry, dehydrated, and pretty miserable.

Not sure if this was before or after getting a calzone from GrubHub because I didn't have many other options.

It was an amazing experience. I flew over The Grand Canyon and met some amazing people. The interview was long but worthwhile. I ate poke for the first time.

Just checked on birdsite to see if my account was deleted.

It's gone.

Y'all are stuck with me now.

I love this picture on so many levels.

For starters, the amount of care that the artist made in getting the machines and other computing paraphernalia correct.

But also because it encapsulates the promise that computers had in the 1970s. The sheer optimism that computers could really change the world in a positive way.

I still think they can. I refuse to believe that we've corrupted computing beyond that optimistic phase.

Dave and Buster's have this crane game where you are guaranteed to win a rubber duck. But apparently the sensor was a little broken so now I have a duck army.

I think these are my totems.

What you think your logo says:

"We're an edgy company that has trimmed away everything so we can offer you the best and cutting edge technology"

What I see:

We spent 12 days arguing over logos until we settled upon this abomination and when it was all said and done we spent the next four hours arguing over the shade of green

Apparently the USPS is now using Informed Delivery to do marketing campaigns.

Seriously, this is beyond the pale.