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Remember, in this era of cloud computing there was one who fought hard for your freedoms, but was never fully appreciated.

Figures it's a woman and a magic user taking on the imminent threat while the dude with the armor sits and gazes at the treasure

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This is still one of the most handsome machines of the 1970s, and nobody can tell me otherwise.

Also the 810 disk drive is just a thing of beauty, even though the 1050 was superior on all counts.

Find someone you can gaze longingly at like this man gazes into his desk lamp.

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It's a damn shame that headless guitars and basses with boxy frame like the Steinberger pretty much stayed in the 1980s, because I think they're still kinda sexy.

Not sure if about to be the cover of a Richard D James Album or about to sell some wicked insurance.

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