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What is with companies taking the logos and turning them into bland sans-serif logos?

Is this supposed to look "fresh" or is it because people can't read calligraphy anymore?

Apparently having an ad blocker is an error.

Pardon me while I throw an error trying to care.

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Redecorates my laptop. GitHub sticker was replaced with something a little more near and dear to my heart.

While mowing I managed to accidentally disturb a nest of little bunnies. Their mother was out in our yard a few weeks back and must've set up shop.

They hauled ass when I got too close to the nest. Fortunately I was far enough away that they weren't injured AFAICT.Baby

Drinking coffee at a coffee shop at 19:40 is the most metal thing you can do.

(Apart from being at a metal concert, but still...)


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"Your kitten has crashed and may need to be rebooted"