I just looked up how big a mini-horse is and now my cute-meter has been pegged.

Unrelated: when the fuck did people suddenly decide that the punctuation should be on the bottom of a numeric keycap?

What fucking timeline is this?

Who decided to call it Amazon Web Services and not Prime Computer?

Picked up these 5 albums at a local second-hand store. Wonder what treasures are lurking within?

(I know Hugo is a Hong Kong classical label so I'm really looking forward to hearing that.)

Why did this ever go out of style and who do I need to contact to get this back into mainstream fashion?

CW: Picture has eye contact and Robin Trower.

I accidentally hit "Random Year" on my Squeezebox and now it's a close approximation of High School.

I feel like this is the professional version of "What's Wrong With This Picture?".

death mention 

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