Is it just me or is the VirtualBox splash screen looking more and more like Oracle is going to do something nefarious soon?

Also: this splash screen just looks like 8 4-hour design meetings preceded the final "OK fine: here you go" (angry wavy scribble distort) "are you fucking happy now?".

(Note: this is not the toot for telling me what your favorite VM is, or how terrible Oracle is. You will not please the teacher if you ignore this. Move along)

That's nice, Windows 10. Could you let me log in now?

(How do people live with this crap?)

Hello, I am currently unqualified to run a Metal Music Podcast.

Part of my curse being a drummer is I can create some beats but coming up with something to put over them is not nearly as interesting.

(Using Samples from Mars Linn and 808 samples)

Found a drawing of mine from college that I did in pen.

Apparently I was worried about growing up. Apparently I still do.

Me: I'm going to optimize this application and make it run faster


I just looked up how big a mini-horse is and now my cute-meter has been pegged.

Unrelated: when the fuck did people suddenly decide that the punctuation should be on the bottom of a numeric keycap?

What fucking timeline is this?

Who decided to call it Amazon Web Services and not Prime Computer?

Picked up these 5 albums at a local second-hand store. Wonder what treasures are lurking within?

(I know Hugo is a Hong Kong classical label so I'm really looking forward to hearing that.)

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