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apt remove tracker. I don't think I need it, and neither do I need gnome-photos. Do you use it? For pictures I use feh and gimp instead.

@kensanata yeah I'm not a fan of tracker myself

Not against the software, glad it's there for others, I just don't want it running on my own machine

@cwebber My main problem is that it was using 100% of my CPU and the fan was going nuts.

@kensanata @cwebber actually lets make this a rhyme

When your lap begins to bake
Don't give your laptop a shake
If burnt thighs dont give you a thrill
Then give tracker a kill

Craig Maloney ☕ ✅ @craigmaloney

@mairin @kensanata @cwebber

There is a laptop compromise
When sitting on your thighs
You might need to kill
A process that's still
And could turn potatoes to fries.