Bandcamp EP of the Day:

Under Frusna Stjärnor (2017) by Svartby

If there was ever a band that I wished would release their material under a Creative Commons license it's Svartby. They're one of the few bands that have captured the magic of Finntroll without being a complete rip-off.

This is an EP for their upcoming release.

@craigmaloney That raises a question I'm trying to find an answer to: is it possible to search (or filter) Bandcamp by license? Jamendo is becoming really difficult to find decent music on, so I want to try alternatives - like Bandcamp - that support CC licensing.

@thelovebug I use the following search in Google: "some rights reserved" metal -"Please refer to individual track pages for license info."

And then I limit it to about a month at a time.

It mostly works. This helps me find whole albums on Bandcamp.

I don't like it when tracks have different licenses as that's usually a mistake. 😀 That's why I filter them out.

Hope this helps!

@thelovebug And yes, Jamendo is incredibly frustrating to find new music. Seems they're always changing things around to the point where I only troll there occasionally.

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