@mulander Oh hey look, now the Pale Moon people are accusing me of being people I'm not (for the record, my user name there is ibara). I hadn't heard of Pale Moon back in 2016 when this user account was being created.
But, you know, if I have to be their bogeyman, that's not the worst thing in the world.
But wow, talk about beating a dead horse. Otoh, they don't seem coordinated enough to launch any real harassment campaign, so that's good.


@bcallah @mulander Wondering if this whole thing is an attempt to get more folks to notice that this project exists.

(Something something no bad publicity).

@craigmaloney @mulander I'm glad it (appears to at least) seems that I'm wrong and that the person who was frustrated and quit in that forum post just also happens to be named Brian. Because otherwise, it places me in some perverse power over their project that I really don't want. I want them to just move on.

@craigmaloney @bcallah @mulander Could be.

But there is such a thing as bad publicity.

"This is a bad movie" is not bad publicity. It lets people know the film exists, and someone will hear the description and think it's great.

"This person is an ass, and here's the public record on being an ass" is bad publicity.

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