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Craig Maloney ☕ @craigmaloney

NULLSQL is the best database with the most amazing write times imaginable. Put all of your data into NULLSQL today!

cat data > /dev/null


NULLSQL uses the latest in NULLSQL technology using a combination of WRITE ONCE, READ NEVER (WORN) and Singularity Indexing so reads are fast fast FAST!


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@eq Naturally, and it''s fully web scale.


Forget no logs, its time for no ANYTHING! Nothing ever, never nothing! The perfect database for users seeking the ultimate level of privacy 👌

Time for me to make the switch!

@MutoShack @craigmaloney

Check out these bench marks, 1.56GB a second. Holy moley, This migration is going to take no time.

It also can be used to store files and folders, just do "mv file /dev/null", it's super fast and easy.
@utzer @m3tti also uses 100% compression, the most effective and cheap storage!👍
That is one of the biggest advantages, perfect compression, and no CPU usage while compressing.

@craigmaloney @dashie

It's a very efficient cryptography tool also.
It's PBS compliant. Perfect Backward Secrecy. No one can decrypt a data sent to NULLSQL.

Even the recipient but that's another thing...

@craigmaloney My favorite part of NULLSQL is the query language. So fast and clean and simple!


cat data > /dev/null



@craigmaloney Sounds great! But is it really web-scale???

@_xhr_ It's so web scale that you're likely using it right now. It scales through space and time to anticipate your very needs.

@craigmaloney Awesome. But I won't buy it until you offer NULLSQL with an enterprise plan. I mean, srlsy, who would buy such a thing without an enterprise license model and platinum support!

@_xhr_ I'll be more than happy to offer Enterprise support that matches the data integrity that NULLSQL offers. Just send me moneyt and see what happens. :)

@craigmaloney Replication is easy, too. Just set up two NULLSQL databases, and they automatically replicate each other. No additional setup needed!

@craigmaloney does NULLSQL support connection pooling? Gotta make sure I'm not opening too many connections to my NULLSQL cluster!