Set a Goodreads goal for 2018 of reading one book.

Of course my reading list doesn't have a lot of fiction on it so finishing one book is a major achievement.

But I'm done trying to hit some arbitrary number that I pulled out of parts unknown at the beginning of the year.

Everything after one book is gravy. Delicious gravy.

@craigmaloney You'll have to add me on Goodreads, my username there is my username here :-)
@craigmaloney Nope, but that's probably because Goodreads doesn't use usernames in that way... you probably just added some random lass from South Dakota. I've just found and added you (and I might have also sent you a random invite by email - sorry about that!)

@thelovebug Nice! Well, I hope she enjoys the invite. 🙄

Thanks for sending the invite. :)

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