Things I really hate:

GenX folks getting all bent out of shape about "millennials always being on their phones".

Shit, if I could have figured out a way to cart my Atari 400 everywhere so I could fool around with it in public you're damned right I would have been on that computer all day.

@craigmaloney someone yelled at me from a car yesterday for being on my phone while walking. Like not even a full yell, just a scolding tone.

Thing is, I was just adding a track I like to a playlist? I mean, what was I supposed to do? And I’m not really a millennial even

@craigmaloney it's gotta be the early part of genx because me and all my friends are constantly playing on our phones. 77 represent!

@craigmaloney We had this same thing about the Gameboys and Walkmans. 90's kid here, the best part of JNCO jeans was being able to fit a discman in your pocket.
At least phones promote some form of socialization.

@craigmaloney I have yet to see any scolding from gen x. It’s mostly boomers afaict. Gen x loves tech.

@craigmaloney Those of us with TRS-80 Model 100s know that glower. The prof in my Shakespeare class heckled me mercilessly for taking notes on it in class. :D

@craigmaloney Now that I think about it, a better analog to phone-obsessed millenials in my day would be calculator-obsessed geeks. I carried my TI-58C everywhere so I could work on programs.

Not much has changed, in that regard. On my iPhone I have the phenomenal i41CX+. \o/

@craigmaloney Maybe I don't count because I'm not sure I technically qualify as GenX but the thing that makes my blood boil about people "always on their phones" is that they appear to be incapable of distinguishing between appropriate times to be on the phone and not

@craigmaloney Eg inappropriate times:

Placing an order verbally
Operating a motor vehicle, or any vehicle really
Standing stationary in the middle of the sidewalk or taking up all of grocery aisle, also
Walking out the door, not looking, stopping
Watching a movie at a theater

@pagrus Different issue, yes, but that's true of a lot of folks that don't understand etiquette.

@craigmaloney I don’t know if I think the issues are entirely distinct

@craigmaloney It was a little after the heyday of the venerable 8-bit machines (C64 was my rig), but in high school I actually did carry around a programmable, graphing Casio calculator. I used to write little programs for it, like Mandelbrot generators and things to help me with math. Luckily it wasn't connected to anything else in the world. I am a little afraid to think what I would've been like at that age had there been these fancy phones.

@craigmaloney Heh. I'm GenX & I'm on my phone all the time. Who are these fuddy-duddy luddite GenXers of whom you speak?

@craigmaloney I always had my nose in a book, so I have no room to talk. Of course, it’s not a complaint I’ve made. 😏

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