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Craig Maloney ☕ ✅ @craigmaloney

Speaking of words to avoid:

Honestly though i think these are pretty good words to be careful using.

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@craigmaloney True to form, though, it mixes a bunch of stuff from FSF ideology/propaganda to generally-bad words (like DRM ~ Rights), is very US-centric and doesn't touches on any sort of words to avoid for more social reasons.

(Note: I think most of the words listed, and their explanations, make sense; I'm just... very bemused by GNU/myopism)

@kellerfuchs Oh no doubt. I don't agree with everything on this list but it does give me pause.

eg: LAMP stack becoming GLAMP stack is a bit ridiculous.

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*Insert joke about Slackware/Nginx/Rust/Postgres here*

@banjofox @kellerfuchs Better than Windows / Activescript / Nginx / Kerberos

@craigmaloney @kellerfuchs

I am trying SO hard not to break out laughing right now... probably shouldn't be scaring $daygig peoples with random outbursts.