@srol I'd recommend letting folks know that they might not replicate their experiences on Twitter or Facebook and that is okay. This isn't about making things sticky so you never leave. It's okay to disconnect and come back when you're ready. You don't have to use Mastodon all the time to gain some benefit from it.

@srol Also I think it's important to understand that you can't win Mastodon. On Twitter and Facebook you can try to have the most followers and the most engagement. But distributed systems don't cater to that thinking. You can't be the one with the most engagement or the most followers because each system is different.

@craigmaloney @srol I've been wondering about how this might affect behavior, as one's content might crop up in environments with highly divergent perspectives.

Though I suppose that this isn't too different from the open web and our brief flirting with centralized/standardized systems or environments has led me to think that that is/ought to be the norm.

@craigmaloney This 10000 times. people create these false dichotomies where it's exclusively one thing or the other

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