Wow, I haven't booted my Windows VM in quite a while. How do folks live with the constant nagging of "I need to update this" and "I need to update that" (Other than "boot Windows every day and suck it up")?

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@craigmaloney honestly, when booting any os you haven't used in a while - WIndows or Linux - you should set aside some time to do updates and reboot as the first thing. Don't want to miss any important security fixes before you start using it for stuff.

@craigmaloney that said, on my work box I use Fedora which has a similar (if somewhat less naggy) upgrade prompt and reboot system to recent Windows versions. But at least there it prompts you to update everything at once, rather than having a dozen apps individually trying to update themselves.

@craigmaloney it's been pretty quiet on my W10, all of that happened in the background without disrupting anything.

@CobaltVelvet Yah, I'm still on Windows 7 on this instance. I'm not huge on what Win10 brings to the table re: privacy.

@craigmaloney if I can't plan ahead when I think I will need it, I leave it running for a whiel after I'm done so it can update…

@kai Yeah, this was just me re-hydrating a moribund instance.

@craigmaloney I haven't booted my CentOS or Debian VMs for months. So many updates! Clearly, Linux blows. ;-)

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