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I tried a few RPG-style games that got their origin on Google Plus but I don't think they worked as well here as they did there (partly because of the forum-ish nature of G+).

Still thinking about this space though and how it could be adapted.

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@craigmaloney I may have mentioned this before, and it might be radically different to what you have in mind, but I wrote some software to play RPGs online. No support for rules, though, so more like a grown-up, improvised Choose Your Own Adventure book or something:

It has improved somewhat since the screenshots/screencast but the basic idea and UI are the same.

@estebanm @craigmaloney Very cool. Took a quick peek at it and it looks interesting. Will do a deeper dive later on. Thanks!

@craigmaloney There's a feature to read finished stories sort of like a novel. I can send you a sample so you can see how it looks with images and music integrated in the chapters.

Don't expect much from my writing, though, I'm not even a native speaker :-P

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