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Why are all recruiters so fucking terrible

Craig Maloney ☕ ✅ @craigmaloney

@hellojed If you find out let me know. I think it's just that they don't understand technology outside of their narrow-band of experience.

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@craigmaloney @hellojed I suspect recruiters just want to throw resumes against the wall and hope enough of them stick long enough to earn them a paycheck. The kinds of jobs recruiters contact me about could never happen if they ever actually read my job board profiles.
@lnxw48a1 @hellojed @craigmaloney Recruiters contact you?  People look at my LinkedIn profile as being radioactive.
@alpacaherder About 95% sales (if I could sell, I wouldn't need them) and 5% impossible ($150k+/yr at GOOG/MSFT, requires 5+ years experience with $TECH_I_HAVE_NEVER_TOUCHED)
@lnxw48a1 Oh, I see automated stuff about sales from $StatePlacementAuthority and ignore it.  I never get anything else due to $BUREAU.
@alpacaherder I've been out of touch with the insecure but required #CalJobs and #CSB-Win "job search" sites for the two years I've been on the road. After I stopped logging in and updating, it took about two months to stop sending me their useless opportunities (Truck driver? I don't have that kind of driving license.)

@craigmaloney @lnxw48a1 @hellojed @alpacaherder They get lured in by my resume, but then the realize it is a trap. ;)