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Craig Maloney fanfic ☕ @craigmaloney

TFW when you realize the CD release of Skinny Puppy's "Rabies" was mastered with Dolby B Noise Reduction.

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@craigmaloney would that not confuse the algorithm?

where does the noise end and the music begin?

@c1t7 I think they just mastered it with Dolby B turned on so the high end is equalized out. That's how Dolby B worked (amplified the high-end frequencies and then equalized it out in the end).

The CD version I have sounds muffled (which is what you'd get if you applied Dolby B to a signal that didn't have the high-end artificially amplified).


learn something new everyday.

i was just making fun of skinny puppy's dancing along the edge of the music/noise divide.

@c1t7 No worries. :)

But Dolby B was an interesting attempt to try to bring fidelity to a medium that wasn't capable of great fidelity. And it also was backward-compatible with non-Dolby decks (which gave the recordings that great treble that folks associate with cassettes).

It's all tricks.