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With the core Solaris team laid off, here's Oracle's score card on how it did with Sun.

@webmink was Libreoffice before the Oracle acquisition? Because that was another fish that escaped the gravitational suck of Oracle.

@craigmaloney @webmink LibreOffice was largely because of the Oracle acquisition is my understanding of history

Craig Maloney ☕ @craigmaloney

@cwebber @webmink Right, but wasn't sure if it was not included because Oracle didn't get the chance to really mess it up. Though some might argue that sending OO over to the Apache foundation was admission that they list control of the office suite.

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@cwebber @craigmaloney @webmink Wasn't the LO split because #ORCL refused to give up control of OO? Moving OO to #Apache after most non-corp devs left may have been a spiteful move to prevent TDF / LO from gaining the only thing they didn't have (the OpenOffice name).

@lnxw48a1 @craigmaloney @webmink Yeah, that's my reading... Oracle moving OO to Apache was an attempt to hold on despite the community having left

@cwebber They also had a responsibility towards IBM they had to satisfy. // @lnxw48a1 @craigmaloney