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A YouTube-esque service based on ActivityPub would share with Mastodon the follower (subscriber)-based content aggregation model, but instead of federating Article/Note-type objects it would operate directly on Video/Image/Audio objects. (Comments could be Note-objects). I believe it would also not do the local media caching thing that Mastodon does, you'd simply go in on the assumption of loading content from remote servers, I think, since videos are thicc af. Or maybe you'd use IPFS.

@gargron coming next year to mediagoblin if all goes well

@cwebber You're quite busy with other stuff, I'm hopeful maybe someone will prototype a thing like that sooner. Puck made Kroeg quite quickly.

@cwebber (I am also allergic to PHP which is why I'd rather see someone do it in another lang but I realize this is not a very good comment)

@gargron yes I am extremely allergic to PHP myself

@cwebber I don't know why I assumed it was PHP - maybe because GNU social is.

Python has a small different problem tho - I can contribute 0. I could contribute to a Ruby or Go project, even Node.js (though I would kinda question the choice of that technology a little bit, it's not that Node.js is performing badly or has a lacking ecosystem, but goddamn debugging JS applications is a nightmare I'd rather have some kinda typing)

Craig Maloney ☕ ✅ @craigmaloney

@gargron @cwebber Python 3.x has type-hinting now. It still does runtime checking, but it can prevent some of the "oh shit, i just passed a None through three layers of my program" errors that make Python such fun.

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