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Man, you know something you've created is successful when someone creates their own, similar thing because they have different design priorities:

#rust #gamedev

@craigmaloney is better. (At least, I think so. For certain use cases.)

@icefox Wow. I didn't know any of these existed. Thanks. :)

(They all look like layers upon SDL2)

@craigmaloney One of Hate2D's goals is apparently to not use SDL2.

ggez uses SDL2 for windowing and input and that's all. Someday it would be nice to ditch it, but that would make using ggez on mobile and web go from "hard" to "really hard".

Craig Maloney ☕ ✅ @craigmaloney

@icefox I don't quite understand the SDL2 dislike (but then again I'm not huge into mobile). But then again, different design goals make for different needs.

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@craigmaloney For Rust, the main actual problem is that linking to and distributing a C library is an extra step in a project that is minorly painful compared to having everything Just Work in pure Rust.

I've also met people who just think SDL2 is crap. It might or might not be; for my purposes I don't much care.

@icefox Yeah, I've done enough Pygame programming where having a native Python library would be nice-to-have. But there are a lot of miles on SDL's tires so I can appreciate not having to re-learn those lessons.