'Back Up Your Shit, Because Soundcloud Might Be Dying'

Also read Soundcloud's full statement at the end of the article.
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I can never understand why people put down archive.org/ as a solution for parking your originally created audio files. I have had an archive.org account for more than a decade and have had ZERO problems.

I think people prefer to 'pay for' model because they think it is more 'professional'.

Plague Morosely πŸŽƒ

@jd I used to self-host my files until I started podcast syndication with archive.org. Have used oarchive.org ever since. It's painless. The only thing it doesn't do well is metrics, but if you put a capable front-end on it you can get better metrics.

(not that I care about metrics as nobody listens anyway. 😁)

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@jd Bah, I meant "podcast syndication with Metal Injection".

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