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why are people so obsessed with Dr Who being whatever gender? Isn't it more important that the writing is good?

@elita why are people so obsessed about Dr. Who. Period.

@bob @Antanicus 😂 I mean I'm not into Dr Who but I can get the 'fandom' cause there's fandom for literally anything so it's ok, but I don't get the fuss about the gender... like, it's just a fictional character... it can be anything, it can be a frickin' talking cow as long as the writing and acting is good

@elita @bob @Antanicus There's over 50 years of The Doctor being played by male actors. Folks that want "more of the same" are upset because they see it as a change brought about by things they don't like (feminism, liberals, etc.).

So the major reason for people pitching a fit is because of tradition and a reluctance to change with changing times. And these are precisely the things that Doctor Who mocks and routes around.

@craigmaloney @bob @Antanicus people who are offended by feminists or liberals are probably going to be extinct very soon, or they'll embarrass their kids, man. Even my dad changed his mind about a bunch of shit by the time he was old. He went from being a bit of a close-minded homophobe, to genuinely loving my best friend (super flamboyant gay man) and also being really proud of me for working for a feminist magazine for a while. Change is good.

@elita @craigmaloney @bob @Antanicus I fear that the next generation is actually going to be split on this one. There are plenty of kids glued to YouTube celebs with really awful ideas 😔

Craig Maloney ☕ ✅ @craigmaloney

@zigg @elita @bob @Antanicus Yeah, unfortunately it's like the game "Gauntlet", where we clear out one level only to round the corner to find bigger, tougher, and more entrenched monsters. But all you can do is put in another quarter and start cranking on that joystick to do what you can to keep clearing the level.

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