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Keyboard for the day. My Unicomp Spacesaver M's V key started dying and my spring surgery made it worse 😖

@zigg Ugh. If you have to use that for any length of time I'd recommend getting the non-docking version (K-380) as the keys doesn't wobble as much as that model.

@craigmaloney It's specifically holding me over until I can make up my mind about what to get instead.

I seriously considered an Ergodox, but I'm not sure I could handle switching between it and my MacBook's more regular 'board without friction.

@zigg Yeah, I figured as much. But in the interim you might want to get the K-380. It makes a great tablet keyboard and doesn't wobble.

@craigmaloney I am a *really* big fan of the phone slot on this one though

Craig Maloney ☕ ✅ @craigmaloney

@zigg Yeah, the slot was a nice touch. The keyboard piece though? Didn't work for me.

YMMV of course. :)

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