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why does this feel like a scam

Craig Maloney ☕ ✅ @craigmaloney

@garbados I've filed cryptocurrencies in the same bucket as hydroponics, vaping, cell-phone repair, and head shops: there's lilely something useful in there but you have to dig past the dudebros and douchebags in order to find the nuggets of good stuff. And a lot of them are just clueless folks trying to make a quick buck before the bubble fades.

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@craigmaloney @garbados cell phone repair and hydroponics are in there...TIL...

@garbados @craigmaloney I thought it was decent with the fish > soil n back to fish water cycle.

@garbados @LottieVixen I'm painting with a large brush here.

When Michigan "legalized" medical marijuana there were an explosion of hydroponics stores here. One of them was next to a coffeeshop that I frequented. And the folks there were predictably dude-bros who felt it necessary to paste a copy of the constitution underneath the picture of Ron Paul.

There's completely legit places (my bro-in-law grew veggies in his house). But a few of them seemed like flames for moths

@LottieVixen @garbados Not to mention I think the folks at that store spent more time smoking out on their patio furniture in front of the store than they did maintaining the store.

(Again, broad brush).

@craigmaloney @garbados now I have this image of epcot center overrun by dudebros stuck in my head

@djsundog @garbados

"And here in our space-age laboratory of the future here at Epcot we're creating Lettuce as a Service."