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Celebrating, where most of this federated craziness started:

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@craigmaloney I loved so much back in the day. It was truly a great hub for people in the FOSS community.

@craigmaloney @deadsuperhero @maloki I was on for a long time. It was a great community while it lasted. Pretty much everyone left when Evan switched it over to without consulting the community. Some people moved to other statusnet instances, but most people just quit. It was a big lesson in how not to run a FLOSS social network.

Nothing change “It was a strange conference to look at, with multiple people having their own ideas of how social media would work.” !fediverse #ThankYou for this history @craigmaloney .
cc @lohang 
@craigmaloney #StatusNet was not only released under the #GPL, but the #AGPL (Affero GPL). The AGPL was explicitly designed to also keep remote services free as in freedom. The GPL unfortunately doesn't defend rights when it comes to webservices etc. but (if I remember the legalese correctly) AGPL has the language of "conveying" instead of "distributing" etc.

@mmn Thanks for that. I couldn't remember which version of the GPL it was off-hand so I punted.