Apparently Amazon is removing support for its .mobi format and using epub instead and I can't dance on that grave hard enough.

This is from Pearson / InformIT in an email I just received. Pertinent sections follow. Any errors are theirs.

"You are receiving this message because you have purchased one or more multi-format eBook titles from one of the five InformIT Network websites, and those files have been made available to download from your account page in three formats: EPUB, PDF, and MOBI. The MOBI format will no longer be available for download as of August 18, 2022.

"Amazon has announced the retirement of its proprietary MOBI file format for eBooks, and a transition to the EPUB format for use on Kindle devices and apps. As of August 2022, you will no longer be able to send the MOBI file format to Kindles or the Kindle app using the Send to Kindle service. The MOBI file format no longer supports the newest document features, while the EPUB format is updated and accepted by Kindle devices.

"Any MOBI files you have already sent to your Kindle will not be affected by this change. However, the downloadable multi-format eBook files available on your InformIT Network account will no longer include the MOBI format; those links will be removed on August 18, 2022. The EPUB and PDF links will remain. Purchases of future multi-format eBook files on any InformIT Network site after August 18 will include the EPUB and PDF formats, but will no longer include MOBI."

@craigmaloney hmm, does this mean a slightly old kindle that doesn't do epubs will start to become a bit useless?

@craigmaloney @internethelen I do. Not connected to. But already I only read pdf and txt files on it

@ana @craigmaloney @internethelen That is great news! Do you know if their EPUB will be with DRM then?
I still have an old Kindle 4 or so lying around that doesn't do EPUB yet, and is also not connected to my account. I use Calibre on my laptop to convert them to MOBI.

@craigmaloney @internethelen I'm still getting updates on my kindle (I've had it for 7 years) , so I guess it depends on that.

I don't think it's a hardware issue, but a software issue.

But Yey!

@maloki @craigmaloney this 2019 one gets updates but it doesn't support epub, so just worried that without an update it'll be obsolete in eight days

@internethelen @maloki Apparently I still have the K3 and I'm not seeing any updates for it. So I'm thinking it's going to be for tiny PDFs from here on out. Or ewaste.

@internethelen @craigmaloney I think calibre can transparently (i.e. when sending to the device) convert epub to mobi. I suppose that nothing will change in that workflow.

@Bubu @craigmaloney sure but I don't use calibre and as I understand it, I can no longer buy a book from their store and read it on the device they made for that purpose, that's what I'm miffed about

@internethelen @craigmaloney I don't actually know how the amazon kindle store works. Probably due to drm it doesn't just allow you to download an epub and have calibre push it to your kindle?

Well, all drm free ebooks will just continue to work. There's a bunch of stores out there that sell those. Calibre even has a link list sortable by country and a builtin search across stores/public sources.

Huh. Wonder if that means eBook licenses will be cheaper for libraries. (Hahahaha.)

@craigmaloney are they still using azw3 though? i thought amazon ebooks have been/were in that format for a while

@craigmaloney What is wrong with *.Mobi?

I don't know anything about the file format, but I used to use it for years because it had the best PC reader, I used it long after it was no longer officially supported by anyone. it was one of the few that got that the ideal screen layout is not the same as the ideal book layout and would let me customize columns and have more than one of them on screen at once.

so I could have four columns of comfortably wide text and only have to hit the key every so often, whereas almost every other pce reader I've used will put up most two pages on screen at once and just waste the rest of the screen

@craigmaloney (also I don't know that I'd call it Amazon's format, it predates them by a fair bit as I understand it, they bought out another company to get their start in ebooks, and used Mobipockets format, didn't they?)

@Canageek It came from Mobipocket, so it was a format that was on the Palm devices that I owned.

The issues with it is that it can be a little wonky to create without the original Windows tools.

Amazon acquired Mobipocket in 2005 and it languished ever since.

Kindle devices also didn't natively read ePub on their devices, so this means they're opening the device to a "standard" format.

@craigmaloney ah, I forgot what I used when reading on my palm devices, but I think the books just came a *.prc files

I wore out the down button on my second Palm pilot reading eBooks on it

@craigmaloney @Canageek Me too. Maybe the most thoughtfully designed computing devices I ever used.

@jalefkowit @craigmaloney @Canageek Palm was the king of devices but then the Blackberry (which was also awesome, in different ways) completely supplanted it. And then the Blackberry, which was ubiquitous, vanished quickly in the wake of the iPhone. So what will come along to similarly wipe the iPhone (or, generically, the touchscreen slab) off the scene?

@craigmaloney @Canageek

I mostly ended up converting everything to html and then using Plucker, but I do have a bunch of books from the Baen Free Library in Mobi pocket form on my Treo 90.

(I was able to restore its state via SD card but the Linux Treo driver has broken in a way that no longer works with it.)

@craigmaloney interesting timing, I just factory reset my kindle this week and didn’t register. Airplane mode and usb now. Just transferred my epub books over and couldn’t be happier.

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