Helping Gitlab to save money by deleting all of my projects there.

@categulario At this point it's irrelevant. It's either GitHub or just throw up a tarball on my site. I couldn't care less.

@craigmaloney Just spent a little while recovering my 2fa so I could log in. I have two small projects on there, and now I'm actively considering paying for sourcehut in order to keep them online.

@craigmaloney Have you found a new host, or are you just getting rid of all your repos?

@adam It was a mirror of GitHub (save for one repo of a presentation) so it's back to GitHub for the time being.

@codeberg @jens @craigmaloney @adam I will setup my own gitea-instsnce the next days.

Gitea is now federating basically and better in the near future...

@jakob @codeberg @jens @craigmaloney

Is there any plan to integrate CI/CD into Gitea?

All I found was a thread from 2019 saying that it's desired, but the only solution was to have the CI system be entirely separate from everything else (git hosting, issue tracking, etc.)

@adam @jakob @codeberg @craigmaloney IMHO superfluous, but YMMV. It's integrated enough for my needs.

What are you missing?

@jens @jakob @codeberg @craigmaloney

I can't find any CI/CD features in Gitea (documentation, demo instance, etc). I'd want automated tests to be run on each check in, in a clean environment. For example:

For example, some projects prevent merging if the CI/CD tests don't pass. Even when projects are not that strict, it's nice to have the results are right there on the merge request page.

Plus it looks like Drone CI can't read .gitlab-ci.yaml files, which means rework

@jens @adam @jakob @codeberg @craigmaloney I will just say that self-hosting a Gitlab instance is also a possible solution. Plus, independent Gitlab instances like exist and do a good job.

@adam @jens @jakob @codeberg @craigmaloney You don't need a CI/CD within Gitea to achieve that. Gitea can call a webhook to start a CI run, and Gitea has APIs that let the CI report its status back to Gitea, bound to a given SHA.

So you can have build results on PRs, even multiple statuses, just like on GitHub. You're not tied to any single CI/CD either, and you can use more than one.

It's lovely, and works just fine right now. It only requires a Gitea-aware CI, and there's a few of those.

@craigmaloney I created dummy issues on my dormant gitlab repos until I figure out if I've moved them all to codeberg yet.

Even with this change I would never consider moving a gitlab repo to github. That's even worse and github needs competition.

@desikn Too late. The account is deleted. It'll take some convincing for me to reinstate it.

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